PCR testing at Domodedovo

Today, many airlines require a negative coronavirus test before departure or upon arrival in the country. Medicina.ru provides an opportunity to undergo express testing for the presence of the virus in the body at Domodedovo airport. Our own laboratory with modern high-precision equipment allows us to provide the service around the clock and without an appointment.

You can take a PCR test at Domodedovo in the absence of symptoms of the disease: fever, cough, runny nose, muscle pain, general weakness, lack of taste and smell for at least 5 days. It is also necessary that the person does not have contact with people who have been diagnosed with the disease for 14 days. Before taking the material, you should refrain from eating and drinking, rinsing your nose, using nasal drops, smoking, brushing your teeth. Otherwise, there is a possibility of receiving a false analysis result.

PCR is considered an accurate method for detecting coronavirus, in addition, it allows you to get a result within a few hours. By contacting the specialists of medicina.ru, you will receive:

  • conducting a test in a laboratory that meets international requirements with the most modern equipment today;
  • high-precision analysis result;
  • correct sampling of biomaterial by qualified medical personnel, which guarantees the accuracy of the study;
  • use only disposable sterile medical instruments that are opened in the presence of the patient;
  • the opportunity to take a PCR test at Domodedovo around the clock immediately upon arrival in the country or before departure;
  • obtaining a certificate is possible in Russian or English (for those who fly abroad);
  • low prices for all types of coronavirus testing.

To take the test at Domodedovo, you must fill out a questionnaire issued by the laboratory administrator and present an identity document. You can get the results in person, in the user's account on the company's website or by e-mail. After that, a laboratory worker will take a scraping of the epithelium from the oropharynx and nasopharynx. The use of highly sensitive reagents allows detecting the disease at an early stage, when the first symptoms are still absent. If a positive result is obtained, the patient will have to remain in quarantine at the place of residence.
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