The mission of Medicina OJSC is the introduction into Russian medical practice of the best international certified methods of treatment and diagnosis of diseases to prolong and improve the quality of life of patients on the principles evidence. Providing patients with comprehensive high-tech medical care on the basis of partnership and active participation of the patient and family members in decisions related to health and well-being.

Values ​​/ principles for improvement

Serving the Patient:

- perception of patients and their families as partners in the treatment process;
- a constant sincere desire to help every patient;
- providing patients with access to information about the nature, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, assistance patients in their quest to be informed participants in decisions that affect their health and well-being;
- truthfulness and sincerity in everything we do;
- exceeding the expectations of patients and their families.

Commitment to quality:

- creation of high quality guarantees and adherence to them: the quality of medical care is guaranteed by prescribed and - criteria known to the patient;
- constant striving to achieve the highest results, whatever you do: measurement, monitoring and reporting in service and quality standards, patient satisfaction, comparison with the best in class;
- mandatory application of the principle of evidence in the quality of medical care, equipment and qualifications doctors. continuous striving for the perfect quality of services;
- continuous improvement of all processes that ensure quality: professional skill, quality service, technology skill, quality management.


- the provision of medical care by the university clinic provides the opportunity to conduct joint medical and scientific work of leading scientists and doctors;
- interaction of participants in the process of providing care to patients as a team of highly qualified specialists and committed employees who share a corporate culture;
- joint work in a spirit of cooperation, active participation of everyone, as well as encouragement of personal initiatives;
- implementation of the principle of continuity in the treatment of patients;
constant interest in the professional development of each employee;
- formation and maintenance of close working relationships in the team of the clinic,
with partners and other public institutions.

Social responsibility:

- providing opportunities for joint work of medical departments
and highly professional teams of doctors, which makes Medicina OJSC a center of competence in medical industry;
- support of the communities in which we live and work;
assistance to those in need and assistance in difficult financial conditions;
- the desire to change in response to changing needs of society;
- work for the benefit of mankind - preservation and improvement of public health, improving the quality of life

Finance and Control:

- implementation of a systematic approach to the selection and financing of projects that improve efficiency and business performance, achieving goals that directly support this mission;
- functioning not for the sake of enrichment, but with ensuring sufficient financial return, taking into account the current and future needs and requirements;
- achieving high productivity through efficient use of resources, including intangible ones;
- reporting on the use of resources at all levels of the organization.

"All the best in medicine is for the benefit of the patient!"