Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography (CT) is one of the main and the most informative modern methods for radiation diagnostics of various conditions. A CT scan produces a series of transverse scans of practically any part of the human body.

Компьютерная томография (КТ)

Компьютерная томография (КТ)

Benefits of computed tomography:

  • High scanning rate: 0.83 ms;
  • Allows to obtain images as slices as thin as 1 mm without increasing radiation exposure for the patient;
  • High resolution allows to obtain clear, distinct and informative images of internal organs and structures in transverse slices as well as in multi-plane and 3D projections;
  • The price of the scan is affordable.

A CT scan is used as a more accurate diagnostic method after simpler and more inexpensive diagnostic methods. Computed tomography allows to detect any abnormalities at an early stage, localize the pathologic process and determine its interrelationship with surrounding organs.

A computed tomography and angiography procedure plays an important role when selecting adequate therapeutic tactics, planning the extent of a surgical intervention or topometry in radiation therapy. It is also effective for assessing

Indications for CT

Computed tomography is used to produce scans of:

  • the skull;
  • the brain;
  • paranasal sinuses;
  • the vertebral column;
  • the larynx;
  • lungs and the mediastinum;
  • abdominal organs;
  • small pelvis organs;
  • upper and lower extremities.

Therefore, a CT scan is prescribed usually if a patient has signs of diseases of ENT-organs, the vertebral column, the brain or the spinal cord, the reproductive system, the heart, the lungs and so on. The CT scan is often performed in patients with injuries that led to fractures; it is used to reveal the current condition of internal organs and to detect internal bleeding. The list of diseases requiring that you undergo a CT scan is quite extensive. But you should bear in mind that the final decision about this is made by the specialist who studies your case, performs the diagnostics and takes into account the findings of other tests.

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You should remember that CT scans are contraindicated to pregnant women.

Tomography is also not prescribed if the patient’s general condition is critical or if he (she) has signs of such diseases as:

  • renal failure,
  • diabetes mellitus, andvarious thyroid diseases.

A CT scan is prescribed to small children only if other methods do not allow their Doctors to diagnose the pathology otherwise.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Your Doctor will tell you if you need to prepare for the CT procedure and provide the required information in advance. For example, if a contrast agent is used during the scan, you should not eat for some time before the procedure.

For the CT scan, it is better to put on loose clothes which will not restrict your movements. It is necessary to take off your jewelry, glasses, dental prostheses and take out metal objects from your pockets.

Then all you have to do is lie down in the computer tomograph and wait for the scanner to complete its work. You should lie motionless during the scanning process; the accuracy of findings depends on this to a great extent.


JSC “Medicine” has a modern cone beam computed tomography scanner with high resolution which allows to measure the density of organs and tissues. The high quality of scans simplifies the work Doctors have to do, and considerably simplifies the process of making and confirming the diagnosis.

The results of CT diagnostics are interpreted by experienced specialists. They help guarantee an accurate diagnosis, which in turn allows to choose the best method of treatment for a particular case.

Benefits of Undergoing CT at JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg)

If you must undergo a CT scan procedure in Moscow, come to Meditsina Center. Here you will be seen by experienced and attentive specialists who will expertly perform the procedure.

The SIEMENS Somatom Definition Multislice Spiral CT scanner at our Clinic is a modern piece of equipment for fast and accurate diagnostics. Sensing elements in new generation CT scans consist of not one but several parallel rows of sensors acting synchronously. This design feature allows to obtain highly accurate results with an especially high degree of precision.

The prices for the services provided by our Center are shown on our website. For more detailed information, please contact our specialists.


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