About Website

The information presented on the website www.medicina.ru is intended for support but not for substitution of existing relations between the patient and her/his attending physician.

The website of JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) is an Internet project giving a general idea of a healthcare facility JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) to users of the website and patients of the Clinic. The values and principles of the Clinic are presented on the website page Mission.

The guarantees of Meditsina Clinic ensure observance of the patients’ rights and security.  The information on guarantees is fully available.

One of our tasks is to be maximally accessible and open to our patients. A unique service for viewing the protocols of case reports on the website is an innovation project of JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) demonstrating openness of the Clinic. 

Website Policy

1. All texts on the website are presented by the physicians and staff workers of JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) and edited by the Marketing Service. If third party materials are published, the author and the source of information must be indicated. If the information is provided by the physician, his(her) specialty and link to his(her) personal page on the website must be provided.  

If the author is not a healthcare professional, the text must be approved by the Head of the Marketing and Advertisement Department before it is uploaded on the website. The Internet project manager shall be responsible for presentation of the texts provided by the medical service and non-healthcare professionals of the Clinic.

2. All the materials presented on the website represent specialist information and are intended exclusively for instructional and reference purposes. JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) shall not be held responsible for any actions carried out by anybody using any information from the website. Consult a physician obligatorily before using the information from the website

3. Any use of texts, audio and video materials shall not be allowed without a preliminary approval of JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic). Copyright for published materials belongs to JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) unless otherwise stated.

4. Personal data processing policy at JSC Medicina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic)

5. At present we use Google Analytics on the website www.medicina.ru for analyzing the site audience in order to improve the website content. As many other services, Google Analytics uses basic cookie files to follow the visitors’ behavior.
The cookie files are used for saving such information as time of visit, data on whether this visitor had visited the website earlier and also from which website the visitor came to this webpage. Browsers do not transfer basic cookie files between domains.
To obtain the additional information on confidentiality policy of Google Analytics, please, go  here..

6.Collection of information.

Information of private nature. We receive the information of private nature about the users with filled-in request forms, feedback forms and also during registration. The website collects only those data which are provided by the user on his(her) own accord. The “Information of private nature” designates any information which can be used for identification of the person, e.g., surname or E-mail. It is possible to view the website content without the registration procedure. You should be registered to work in the website section “Personal account”.

Information of impersonal nature.

We can also collect the information of impersonal nature concerning the user’s visit, including viewed pages, selected links as well as other user’s actions associated with the use of our website. Besides that, we can collect certain standard information which is sent by the browser to any visited website such as IP-address, browser type and language, and the time spent on the website.

The website uses "cookies" technologies to create statistical reports. The cookie file is a small text file sent to the hard disk by our server. Cookies contain the information which can be later read by us. No data collected by us in such a way can be used for identification of the website visitor. Cookies cannot be used also for starting programs or for contamination of your computer with viruses. 

"Cookies" contain the information which can be required for the website to save settings of view variants and collect statistical information concerning the website, i.e. which pages were visited by you, what was downloaded, domain name of the Internet provider and the visitor’s country and also addresses of external websites from which the transition was made. As a rule, most browsers are adjusted initially for reception of cookies files but you can change the settings of your browser in order to block reception of any cookies or obtain warnings about cookies.

Additionally, we use standard web server logs to count the number of visitors and assess technical capabilities of our website. We use this information in order to determine how many people visit the website and organize the pages so that they should be the most convenient for the users, ensure correspondence of the website to browsers used and make the content of our pages as useful for our visitors as possible. We record the data on visits of separate pages the website but not about individual website visitors, so, no specific information concerning the user will be saved or used by the website administration without the user’s agreement.

7. The website is financed by the funds of JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic). All presented materials are presented exclusively for reference purposes. 

8. There is no advertising on the website; this website does not present ads or receive any ad revenues. The presented links to external websites do not pursue the aim to make financial profit but are provided as a reference.