Medical service for foreigners in Russia

JSC “Medicine” (Clinic of Academician Roytberg) provides the full complex of medical services for foreigners in compliance with international standards and European approach to treatment of patients.

JSC “Medicine” – it is:

  • Compliance to international medical standards
  • Family doctor for patients
  • Description of diagnostic procedures the same day
  • Online access to the history of disease
  • Отсутствие очередей
  • Absence of queues
  • Total accompaniment of the patient in the clinic (both by medical personal and an English speaking manager)
  • We can arrange accompagniment in Turkish language if needed

Our advantages

  • Joint Commission International

    Joint Commission International – the most important and reference international medical standard of quality. The first clinic in Russia to get the JCI “gold” standard and the only one which has approved it 4 times in a row.
  • Certificate TüV Austria Standarts&Complience

    Certificate TüV Austria Standarts&Complience JSC “Medicina” is certified according to the standards EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Winner of the competition of EFQM Awards 2012

    Winner of the competition of EFQM Awards 2012 and the first clinic in Russia “five star” clinic to successfully approve correspondence to European level “recognized excellence” 5.
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013

    ISO/IEC 27001:2013 JSC “Medicina” (clinic of Academician Roytberg) – certified according to international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 «Information technology. Methods of ensuring security. Systems of information security managements. Requirements».

Dear patients!

JSC “Medicine” (clinic of Academician Roytberg) provides medical care to foreigners. Leading physicians of the clinic speak English.

You can schedule an appointment and get all required information in English by mobile phone number (or via messengers +7 (926) 988-25-97).


Tour on clinic

Medicina is one of the first medical institutions of the capital and is the leader of medical care in the country. Medicina JSC is a multidisciplinary medical center that includes an outpatient department, an inpatient department, a 24-hour ambulance and a state-of-the-art Sofia oncology center. Over 350 physicians of 67 medical specialties work in Medicina JSC (Roytberg Clinic). Academicians, corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professors and leading experts in various medical specialties from Russia and the most famous foreign experts offer their consultations here.

The Medicina Clinic is the first Russian clinic accredited according to the JCI International Healthcare Standards and has confirmed it 4 times in a row. The Joint Commission International Accreditation is the most unbiased and prestigious international certification in health care which is considered to be “golden standard”.

The Medicina Clinic is a modern alternative to treatment in the leading foreign clinics. We implement a wide range of modern diagnostic methods, rehabilitation and treatment procedures, strict quality control of medical services, that is recognized at the international level. We invite you to visit our 3d tour which you may find on this page.

International medical services in the very center of Moscow

Our priorities – safeness of the patient and quality of medical care, which complies with Russian and International standards.

  • Accreditation according to international standards of quality of medical care – Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Leader of quality and security of medical care in Russia (certificate of Roszdavnadzor “Quality and safeness of medical activity”)
  • Winner of EFQM Awards “Approved perfection” 5*
  • ISO 9001:2015

In 2020 the clinic has celebrated 30 years anniversary of medical services provision in Russia. During those years we have healed more than half a million grateful patients and their siblings.

Standards of medical care are constantly becoming more complex and the clinic is improving and introducing innovations

Multifield medical center with a full range of services

When contacting JSC "Medicine" (clinic of Academician Roytberg), you receive a full range of medical services in one building. The clinic is a multidisciplinary medical center of high-tech care, which includes:

  • – Out-patient department
  • – Modern diagnostic center
  • – Children's Department (pediatrics)
  • – Round–the–clock in-patient department
  • – Stomatology department
  • – Oncology Center Sofia
  • – Clinical laboratory with the possibility of conducting a large number of studies in the shortest possible time

In JSC "Medicine" (clinic of Academician Roytberg) works more than 350 physicians of 66 medical specialties. Academicians, professors and leading specialists of the largest Russian and foreign medical institutions.

Main directions of medical services in JSC “Medicine” (Clinic pf Academician Roytberg):

  • High quality diagnostics
  • Stomatology (prosthetics and implantology)
  • Cardiology and Cardiac surgery
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Endocrinology and Dietetics
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation and restorative medicine
  • Rehabilitation after COVID-19
  • Pediatrics
  • Polyclinic and operative gynecology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery
  • Urology, Andrology and nephrology
  • Traumatology and orthopedics
  • Oncology (radionuclide diagnostics, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical treatment)
  • Medical Check Ups
1 500+
Foreign patients a year gets medical help in JSC “Medicina”
Countries, citizens of which got medical help
Window for all patients. All services are available “under the roof” of one building
Medical specialties

All diagnostic examinations are carried out exclusively in the clinic with the use of modern equipment of the highest class:

  • Computed tomography (CT) Revolution CT General Electric (GE Healthcare) 512 slices
  • –Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Siemens Magnetom Skyra 3 Tesla
  • Positron emission tomography and Computed tomography (PET–CT) Siemens and Philips
  • Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) Bright Philips
  • – Ultrasound examination of the organs of the whole body (ultrasound) 3D/4D ultrasound

Тесты на covid-19

In JSC “Medicine” (Clinic of Academician Roytberg) you can make a test for COVID-19:

  • – PCR test for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 RNA) from the nasopharynx and oropharynx. The result is in 8 hours.
  • – Test for coronavirus (COVID-19) using the "Anti-SARS-CoV-2 ELISA IgG" test system (Germany) by taking blood from a vein. The result is in 4 hours.
  • – Blood test for antibodies to coronavirus infection. The result is in 15 minutes.

The results of the study are sent to the e-mail in Russian and English.

Rehabilitation after coronavirus infection

If you have surpassed COVID-19 infection, qualified specialists of the clinic will help you recover quickly after the illness. JSC “Medicine” (Clinic of Academician Roytberg) has developed a comprehensive rehabilitation program after coronavirus infection, including a wide range of procedures:

  • – Oxygenobarotherapy (HBO)
  • – Enhanced external counterpulsation (UNCP)
  • – Percussion ventilation of the lungs
  • – Breathing exercises
  • – Pulse electrotherapy SMT
  • – Magnetotherapy
  • – Acupuncture (IRT)
  • – Manual therapy
  • – Massage, etc.

The rehabilitation program is compiled taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient. And its fullness depends on the identified changes and residual phenomena. As a result, the tasks of rehabilitation treatment are correctly determined and an individual route is drawn up.

Quality Stomatology

The dental department is part of the multidisciplinary clinic of JSC "Medicine" with an excellent medical and diagnostic base. We are implementing a European approach to treatment, focusing on quality and innovation. Dental care is provided by qualified dentists, surgeons, orthodontists, orthopedists. We offer a full range of services from hygienic cleaning to prosthetics.


  • – Highly qualified specialists
  • – The latest equipment
  • – International quality standards
  • – Multidisciplinary approach
  • – Polite attitude
  • – No queues
  • – Appointment at a strictly allotted time
  • – Accompanying patients when moving around the clinic
  • – Making an appointment with doctors online, the ability to contact a doctor
  • – Examination and treatment the same day

Any questions left?

You can get a more detailed information in English
by contact our expat working specialist +7 (926) 988-25-97
or by hotline + 7 (495) 126-13-12


6 advantage services for treatment of medical tourists in JSC “Medicina”

  • 1
    Personal assistant
    from the beginning of your treatment till the discharge you have a personal manager (English-speaking if necessary)
  • 2
    Invitation for treatment
    in accordance with determined requirements and after fulfillment of necessary documents we are ready to make an invitation for treatment for you which gives you an opportunity to get a visa more easily with the participation of The Main Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
  • 3
    Meet up in the airport and accommodation arrangements if necessary
    if needed and for extra fee our specialists will be ready to assist you with the airport pick up and hotel arrangements
  • 4
    JSC “Medicina” (Clinic of Academician Roytberg)
    is one of the first private medical facilities of Moscow, being a flagship of national medicine
  • 5
    Support 24/7
    our managers are in contact with you during working hours. In the night time and evenings there are duty administrators in the clinic who will be always glad to answer your questions
  • 6
    stay with us as long as you need. We can arrange a follow-up visit for you if needed

Treatment of oncological diseases in Institute of Nuclear Medicine (Khimki, Moscow Area)

In 2021 JSC “Medicina” has opened its department – Institute of Nuclear Medicine (further – “INM”) in Khimki, Moscow Area. Institute of Nuclear Medicine is the largest in Russia full-cycle center of nuclear medicine, where patients can get the whole complex of oncology care.

In INM integrated a 30-years experience of JSC “Medicine” – clinic, which provides high-tech care on the level of the highest international standards.

Institute of Nuclear Medicine is a living proof of how can be made an impact for ecologically clean future and sustainable development.

Today oncology has a big step forward – institute has an equipment with quality characteristics of a new level, it’s implemented innovative methods of treatment, unique medical practices and artificial intelligence. All it allows to conduct diagnostics of oncological treatment at early stages and choose the most effective methods of treatment.

In order to get to know more about Institute of Nuclear Medicine we invite you to watch an informative video which can be found on this page.

The main advantages of treatment in Institute of Nuclear Medicine

  • "Single window" for patients - patients receive the whole complex of diagnostic and therapeutic measures in one building;
  • The Institute is equipped with a unique fleet of expert-class equipment - some equipment throughout Russia is represented only in Institute of Nuclear Medicine;
  • Intra-industry cooperation is carried out with recognized expert centers in the field of oncology: the University named after Johns Hopkins (USA), Vivantes Hospital Group and Charite clinics (both Germany). Possibility of holding joint consultations;
  • Doctors with a high level of expertise have been trained in the best cancer centers in the USA, Europe, and Israel;
  • Interdisciplinary approach - the treatment strategy is determined not only by the attending physician, but by doctors of various specialties in order to achieve maximum results;
  • Strict adherence to international standards of quality and safety of medical services.

The most Frequently Asked Questions by medical tourists

expat & medical tourism working specialist
  • I came to Moscow – where do I go?

    Our clinic is located in the very center of Moscow (2nd Tverskoy-Yamskoy alleyway, 10 (station Mayakovskaya), the Institue of Nuclear Medicine is 5 minutes away from Sheremetyevo Airport (Khimki, kv-l Klyazma, p. 300). If necessary we may arrange a meet up in the airport and hotel accommodation. Your personal manager will arrange all necessary support.
  • I don’t speak Russian and afraid of language barrier. Is there a language support for me?

    Our clinic corresponds to all international standards – all tablets are duplicated in English. In clinic there is an English speaking administrators and physicians. We may arrange accompaniment in other languages if needed.
  • Do you give a description of MRI/PET-CT?

    Yes, we do give a description images the same day of the procedure.
  • If I need a hospitalization – is it possible in your clinic?

    Yes, it’s possible both in JSC “Medicina” and Institute of Nuclear Medicina. Our clinic has both “standard” and “VIP” rooms (single bed and two bed)
  • I need an online consultation and I do have results of MRI/PET-CT. How do I share files in order doctor would be able to analyze them?

    You can download your files to Yandex.Disk or Google.Drive and share the link. If you have some technical problems – contact our manager and he will assist you.

Our clinic

JSC “Medicina” is a leader of medical tourism in Russia. Our clinic actively participates in the development of medical services export. Thus in 2022 it was established a Center of medical competence for tour travel operators; on the basis of JSC “Medicina” it was conducted a meeting of the top management of leading travel operators.

JSC “Medicina” became a winner of competition Med Travel Ledaers-2022 in the nomination “Project”, organized by ANO Association of Medical Tourism Agencies.

Representatives of JSC “Medicina” is a full time member both offline and online round tables on thematic of medical tourism (i.e. Strategic session “Russia – Middle East” in terms of the exhibition MedTravelExpo-2022; Web conference “Non-surgical methods of oncology treatment”). Our representative as well became the first and only participants among medical organizations of Russian Export Center business mission held in Iran (Teheran), participant of International industry exhibition “Expo-Russia Kyrgyzstan 2022”.

Employees of JSC “Medicina” are full time authors of scientific publication on thematic of medical tourism. Among them – “Export of medical services: organization and development tools in a medical organization (methodological recommendations)”. We record the lectures on thematic of medical tourism for international expert club. In 2022 the memorandums of cooperation were signed with the associations of medical tourism of 5 countries – Kirgizia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Russia.