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Dermatology is a science that works with diseases of the skin, as well as mucous membranes, hair and nails. This area of healing should be consulted for any skin lesions, as well as for the diagnosis of more common diseases, since the skin can respond to changes in the body, to diseases of internal organs, and infectious diseases.

A dermatologist is a doctor involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. If you need the dermatologist in Moscow, you need to make an appointment with a specialist in our dermatology clinic.

What sicknesses does this doctor treat?

A specialist in the field of dermatology (dermatologist) provides treatment for all kinds of diseases associated with the skin of a person. Among such pathologies, there are: neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, and many other chronic diseases. The competence of a dermatologist is also the treatment of hair and nail fungi. There are frequent cases that the skin can suffer with other concomitant diseases of the body. If signs of skin damage are manifested as the influence of pathology, it is extremely important to immediately consult a specialist. The doctor will be able to accurately diagnose and help to prescribe a general treatment.

Along with the above illnesses, we successfully treat dozens of skin diseases of various origins, as well as solve any problems of a cosmetological nature.

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When to consult a dermatologist

Most diseases have a high spread rate and are fraught with serious complications. Therefore, it is important to immediately make an appointment with the doctor or call a specialist at home if the following symptoms appear:

  • redness, peeling, itching, the appearance of edema.
  • pronounced or pale rash;
  • pustular formations of various kinds;
  • the appearance of acne, blackheads on the skin;
  • change in color, size of warts, as well as the appearance of new ones;
  • the formation of a large number of moles, as well as a change in the appearance of existing ones.

According to the results of the initial examination, skin dermatologist can refer the patient to other specialists - a gastroenterologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist. Examination is an important part of making a correct diagnosis, as a person’s skin problems can be both an independent disease and a consequence of serious dysfunctions of various body systems.

In our dermatology clinic, an experienced specialist using the latest equipment will conduct additional non-invasive examinations of the skin.

Experienced and competent specialists of our clinic will help to identify the causes of deterioration of the skin caused by external or internal causes, they will select an effective comprehensive treatment to eliminate them. Our clinic provides a European level of service (lack of queues, drinks, sending test results by email, the availability of the attending physician by mail and phone). We also guarantee absolute privacy and anonymity to all our patients.

A consultation with our professional dermatologist is a painless procedure. During a doctor’s appointment, the patient does not feel uncomfortable sensations, and at the same time, timely medical consultation is the key to early diagnosis of dangerous skin diseases.

Specialists of the highest category, candidates and doctors of science work in the Medicine Clinic. Make an appointment with a dermatologist in Medicine, and let your skin always be perfectly healthy and beautiful. We will be happy to provide timely and quality assistance at affordable prices.


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Experience 38 year
Board Certified General Practitioner (Highest Category), member of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine
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