Ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound)

Ultrasound examination - a non-invasive and painless method of diagnostics of internal organs, blood vessels and soft tissue. Visualization is based on the ability of sound waves to reflect off various structures within the human body. Due to the absence of beam radiation method is safe and is used in the survey from the first days of life.

The clinic JSC "Medicine" is available for patients holding medical ultrasound diagnostic of various areas of the body:

In addition, you can order a children's ultrasound examination, as well as with a visit by a specialist at home.

Depending on the type of ultrasound, preliminary preparation may differ. Before the procedure necessary to clarify the information from the doctor.


Code Name Price (RUB)
A04.01.001 USG, soft tissue 4 350
A04.01.001.001 Sonoelastography ultrasound 3 560
A04.04.001 USG symmetric joints 4 790
A04.06.001 USG, spleen 2 330
A04.06.002 USG, lymphatic nodes, 1-2 regions 4 790
A04.06.003 USG, newborn brain 4 790
A04.07.002 USG, salivary gland (symmetrical) 4 350
A04.09.001 US, pleural cavity 6 370
A04.10.002 Echocardiography 15 820
A04.10.002.001 Stress echocardiography with transesophageal stimulation 24 300
A04.10.002.004 Stress-EchoCG with physical exercises with use of treadmill 24 300
A04.12.001 Doppler ultrasonography, upper extremity arteries 14 190
A04.12.001.001 Doppler ultrasonography, lower extermity arteries 14 190
A04.12.001.002 US-dopplerography, magistral vessels of visceral organs, with color doppler mapping 15 810
A04.12.002.002 Doppler ultrasonography, lower extermity veins 14 190
A04.12.002.003 Doppler ultrasonography, upper extremity veins 14 190
A04.12.003 USG, abdominal aorta and inferior vein cava, with color doppler mapping 15 810
A04.12.005.003 Doppler ultrasonography, major arteries 14 190
A04.12.005.006 Transcranial US-dopplerography with color doppler mapping 16 130
A04.12.008 Dopplerography of penile vessels 15 810
A04.12.024 US-dopplerography, uteroplacental circulation 15 810
A04.12.026 Дуплексное сканирование нижней полой вены и вен портальной системы 15 810
A04.14.001.005 Elastometry of liver 11 220
A04.14.002 USG, gallbladder with function assessment 5 340
A04.16.001 Ультразвуковое исследование органов брюшной полости (комплексное) 9 590
A04.20.001 USG, internal female genitals 6 910
A04.20.001.001 USG, transvaginal 7 690
A04.20.001.002 USG, transrectal 7 340
A04.20.001.003 USI monitoring of the uterine body after surgery 5 020
A04.20.002 USG, mammary gland 4 790
A04.20.003 Folliculometry 3 000
A04.21.001 USG, prostate 4 790
A04.21.001.001 Ультразвуковое исследование предстательной железы трансректальное 7 340
A04.22.001 USG, thyroid gland 4 790
A04.23.001 USG, newborn brain 8 360
A04.23.002 Echoencephalography, M-regimen 9 590
A04.26.003 Orbit scanning 6 130
A04.28.001 USG, kidney, suprarenal gland, retroperitoneal space 5 120
A04.28.002.003 USG, urinary bladder 3 660
A04.28.002.008 Ультразвуковое исследование мочевого пузыря после микции 1 880
A04.28.003 Ультразвуковое исследование органов мошонки 6 350
A04.30.001 Ultrasonic examination of a pregnant woman 11 220
A04.30.004 USG, abdominal cavity for free fluid 3 230
A04.30.008 USG, 4D regimen 7 910
A04.30.009 US-guided transcutaneous diagnostic puncture 4 010
A04.30.009.001 US-guided diagnostic puncture for visceral organs 16 030
A04.30.010.001 USG, prostate and urinary bladder with residual urine 12 020
B01.052.001.001 Осмотр (консультация) врача ультразвуковой диагностики на дому 13 220
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Indications and contraindications

Ultrasound diagnostic is used in various situations, for example, if a patient complains of pain in a particular area or the doctor needs to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

Contraindications to the ultrasound examination procedure are relative, for example:

  • skin diseases that prevent the contact of ultrasound sensors with the patient's body;
  • Obesity: impairs organ visualization and makes scanning less informative;
  • urinary incontinence: not recommended for ultrasound of the bladder.

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