Ultrasonic diagnostics (USD)

Types of US Diagnostics:

Ultrasonic scanning is a diagnostic method which is well-suited for visualizing the condition of internal organs, blood flow, and blood vessel patency. A specialist may select a necessary type of examination depending on the symptoms of the disease and the goals for treatment.

Ultrasonic diagnostics (USD) is a minimally invasive method for investigation of internal organs based on the ability of sound waves to reflect from different structures inside the human body. This investigation method is of foremost significance in modern medical practice.

Benefits of diagnostics: 

  • safety; 
  • high informativity; 
  • ability to diagnose pathologies at early stages of their development; 
  • possibility to follow up the patient’s condition; 
  • absence of radiation exposure; 
  • possibility to diagnose pathologies in children from the first days of their life; 
  • possibility to perform the scans as often as is necessary.

Indications for ultrasonic scanning

Purposes and tasks of ultrasonic scanning: 

  • assessment of the condition of internal organs, vessels and soft tissues; 
  • detection of disease irrespective of the degree of symptoms and internal changes; 
  • scanning of a pathological areas for performing targeted surgical interventions; 
  • assessment of administered treatment; 
  • detecting disturbances in the course of pregnancy and intrauterine developmental defects; 
  • prevention of complications.

The ultrasonic scanning methods are widely used when it is necessary to assess the condition of the heart, the kidneys, the abdominal organs, the mammary glands, blood vessels in the head and the neck, the thyroid etc. USD is used in various situations, e.g., if a patient complains of pain in some or other region or if it is necessary for a Doctor to estimate the treatment efficiency. 

Are there any contraindications for USD?

In most cases there are no serious contraindications not allowing the Doctor to use ultrasonography for diagnostics. This is a harmless procedure which may be used even to investigate the condition of internal organs of pregnant women and small children. But there are several relative contraindications which include, e.g.: 

  • skin diseases not allowing the ensure the contact of ultrasonic sensors with the patient’s body; 
  • obesity: it worsens visualization of findings and makes the scan less informative; 
  • urinary incontinence: it is not recommended for USD of the bladder.

How do the Doctors perform USD scanning?

The investigation requires additional preparation of the patient in some cases. The reliability of findings depend on the quality of preparation. For example, USD scanning of the urogenital system with the external sensor is performed with filled bladder. It is recommended to drink up to 1 liter of still liquid 1 hour before the procedure and not to urinate.

The investigation of the gastrointestinal tract requires special preparation. The patient should keep to a certain diet 2-3 days before USD scanning. It is not allowed to consume any gas-forming foodstuffs or drinks: bread, kvass, cabbage, grapes, legumes, cakes, fresh baked foods, fresh milk. It is recommended to use intestinal sorbents during the whole period of preparation to ultrasonic scanning. The intestines should be purged: an enema is administered just before the US scanning procedure.

If necessary, specialists of JSC Meditsina perform ultrasonic scanning at the patient’s home using portable equipment. Contact the Clinic and have the doctors perform the scan at your home.

As a rule, the patient has to expose the region of the body to be scanned and lie down on a couch. Then the specialist takes the ultrasonic sensor and applies it to the body in different positions. The skin is usually smeared with gel, which does not contain any drugs and is neutral to the body, for better passage of ultrasonic waves. The receiving unit detects the echo-signal from the waves that is then transmitted as an image onto the screen.


The information transferred by the ultrasonic sensor to the receiving unit is recorded and then interpreted by an experienced specialist. You will obtain a case summary of the results of ultrasonic scanning performed at our Clinic; it will allow to make an accurate diagnosis and plan the treatment tactics. 

Benefits of Doing Scans at JSC Meditsina in Moscow

You can undergo ultrasonic scanning at our Clinic. The diagnostic rooms at the JSC Meditsina have been equipped with modern digital scanners which can investigate the abdominal organs, perform Doppler sonography, cardiologic examinations, ultrasonic scanning of the joints ad 3D scanning. The Doctors have at their disposal all the equipment necessary to perform all tests and interpret their results at a high professional level.

The price list for the services is shown on the website. If you wish to obtain more detailed information or ask other questions concerning ultrasonic scanning, please contact the staff of our Clinic.