Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT)

Positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography (PET/CT) is a new and extremely effective method for early preclinical diagnosis of malignant neoplasms.   In addition to high accuracy, its advantages include absence of any pain or discomfort during scanning and a reasonable price. 

The method consists in obtaining  an image (light emission) from a short-living isotope (radiopharmaceutical, RP) accumulated selectively in the tumor tissue by the specialist using the positron scanner.  RP is administered to the patient by an intravenous injection.  Computed tomography integrated with PET allows to relate  isotope localization to a  specific anatomic region of the human body.   Simply said, PET/CT makes it possible for the specialist to see where specifically the abnormal tissue is located.  In particular this scanning method allows to detect cancers early.

Indications for PET/CT

The scan is recommended in order to establish presence of tumors,  reveal the borders of their spreading for planning further treatment and assess the effectiveness of previous treatment.  The use of PET diagnostics allows to increase the probability of revealing malignant neoplasms,  reduce the number of recurrences by 5-8 times and  achieve full remission of cancer. 

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PET/CT: Contraindications

PET/CT may not be performed in the following cases: 

  • acute infectious diseases and exacerbations of chronic inflammatory processes; 
  • a grave general condition of the patient; 
  • psychoneurological disorders, claustrophobia or any other conditions which make it impossible to wait quietly until the scanning procedure is completed; 
  • diabetes mellitus (with high glycemia); 
  • pregnancy; 
  • breastfeeding.
PET CT (Positron Emission Tomography)

How is positron emission tomography (PET/CT) scan done?

Please note:

  • You should pay fully for the service of PET/CT according to the price list, current for the day when the service is provided at JSC Meditsina, but no later then 3 days before the date the service is provided. This is necessary for the clinic to purchase the radiopharmaceutical required for the scan. 
  • Your appointment for the scan will be cancelled if you do not make the payment.

When preparing for the procedure and during the scan itself you should observe the physician’s instructions strictly; in particular, this concerns your diet, and consumption of water. At the Clinic you should put on the comfortable clothes, take off all metal objects and relax your body.

Before the scan starts, your doctor will make an intravenous injection. RP distributes in the organism approximately within 1 hour, after that scanning takes about 30 minutes. It is advisable not to move during the investigation; the accuracy of PET/CT results depends on this to a great extent.


The results of the PERT/CT scan will be quickly interpreted by the specialist with the help of modern equipment.  His(her) interpretation will help to make a highly accurate diagnosis. 

Benefits of Doing Scans at JSC Meditsina in Moscow

Are you planning to do a PET/CT scan in Moscow? Visit out Clinic. The diagnostic scan at the Sofia Oncology Center of Meditsina Clinic is done with the help of cutting-edge PET/CT technology. Our Philips Gemini TF scanner ensures high accuracy of the procedure. Please schedule an appointment to get your scan done on time.  Visit our website or talk to our staff to learn more about the prices and obtain other important information. 


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