Doppler Sonography of Vessels

Doppler sonography (DSG) is a method of ultrasonic diagnostics of vessel condition using the Doppler effect. The emission and reception of US-waves take place at equal intervals in case of standard ultrasonic scanning but in Doppler sonography the wave velocity changes after contact with the blood vessels. Recording this difference allows to assess blood flow peculiarities in vessels and detect any problems, vessel deformation and stenosis (constriction) as well as other vascular diseases.

The Doppler sonography of vessels allows to investigate practically all vessels: major head and neck arteries (brachiocephalic arteries), cardiac arteries, vessels in the legs or the fetal circulation system during pregnancy.

The testing of vessels is done without the X-ray radiation and does not affect the tissue structure. Doppler sonography of vessels is absolutely painless, it is performed in the mode which is comfortable for the patient and makes it possible to the Doctor to obtain significant information for making a diagnosis. 

Indications for DSG of Vessels

The procedure is indicated for any pathologies associated with circulatory disorders. It is the ultrasonic scanning using the Doppler effect that allows to assess the dynamics of the process, visualize the involved tissues, monitor blood velocity changes and the vascular anatomy and the extent of the pathologic process.

The scan can be indicated at the stage of initial symptoms (sleep worsening, headaches, neurological disorders, vision impairments, heavy legs, extremity numbness) and after a diagnosis, to check the course of the pathological process and monitor the changes associated with the treatment.

The main indications for the ultrasonic scanning method are as follows: 

  • long-term headaches; 
  • transient ischemic attacks; 
  • stroke and post-stroke conditions; 
  • varicose disease; 
  • arterial hypertension; 
  • atherosclerosis of different localization; 
  • aneurysms and malformation; 
  • dyscirculatory encephalopathy.
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Contraindications for the Investigation

This type of ultrasonic scanning is safe and may be used for diagnostics in children, pregnant women and weakened people. The ultrasonic scanning is counter-indicated only in rare cases. You should refrain from going to the hospital for the procedure during the acute stage of the disease, when you are unable to visit the hospital without assistance. The ultrasonic scanning with the Doppler effect in this situation can be done at home. Besides that, there may be restrictions for doing the scan with patients who cannot stay in a static or horizontal position: e.g., patients with bronchial obstruction, respiratory or heart failure. 

What is the Doppler Sonography Procedure Like?

It is better to perform the procedure after fasting because food intake (especially, much food) can influence the blood flow in the investigated area. You should refrain from use of coffee or alcohol and smoking immediately before the procedure for the same reason. Use of sedatives and drugs influencing vessel condition (e.g., antihypertensive drugs) should be agreed on with the physician.

The scan is performed in the lying position. The patient removes the clothes to expose the investigated area and lies down on a couch. A special conducting gel is applied to the respective area. After that, the projection of the vessels is investigated with an ultrasonic sensor. The image of the area is visualized on the monitor. The Doctor can ask the patient to strain a certain muscle group or change the respiration rate for better visualization. 


The interpretation of the results does not require much time. As a rule, the specialist tells the patient what he (she) sees on the monitor during the procedure. A written interpretation takes 15–20 minutes. The Doctor assesses, in particular, such parameters as systolic dimension, the diastolic blood velocity, and the resistivity index (peripheral resistance).

After that, your attending Doctor will be able to pinpoint your diagnosis, adjust the therapy regimen or give recommendations on further diagnostics based on the findings. 

Vessel Scanning: Advantages of Having your Doppler Sonography Procedure Done at JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg)

At our Clinic in Moscow, diagnostic procedures are performed using the most advanced medical equipment which allows to carry out color flow mapping and 3D-reconstruction of tissues, tissue Doppler sonography. This investigation allows to assess not only the vessel condition but also the relief of your tissues. The color image ensures optimal visualization and allows to make an accurate diagnosis.

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