the JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) offers patients with gastrointestinal diseases the possibility of seeking medical advice from highly qualified professional gastroenterologists. Our Gastroenterological Department uses advanced methods for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. We successfully detect and treat diseases of the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. Gastroenterological diseases include gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, dysbacteriosis, pancreatitis, constipation, diarrhoea, colitis. You may receive a doctor’s prescription already on the day of the first visit having undergone the necessary testing. The procedures are performed in in-patient and out-patient settings.

The gastroenterologists at the the JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) Centre are top-ranking, experienced specialists in their field. In addition to their highly qualified intervention, the gastroenterologist will also provide psychological support to the patient, reassure, encourage and instil confidence in the success of the treatment in them. It is one of the best clinics for detailed investigation and treatment of gastroenterological diseases.


Врач Olga Berezhko
General practitioner
Experience 38 year
Board Certified General Practitioner (Highest Category), member of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine
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Our doctors can detect pathological processes at the earliest stages when there are still no clinical manifestations. The range of diagnostic investigations include the following procedures: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, radiation diagnostics, laparoscopy, ultrasound investigations, etc. Medical doctors will perform the procedures without any pain or discomfort to the patient.


Treatment Solutions and Methods in Gastroenterology

A doctor responsible for managing the case is assigned to each patient at the JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) Clinic for convenience and more successful interaction; this doctor prescribes procedures, tests, monitors changes over time and adjusts the treatment individually. Other specialised doctors participate in diagnosis and treatment in cases that have more than one possible diagnosis or are complex.

If you develop symptoms such as heartburn, belching, abdominal pain, increased bowel sounds , trapped wind, nausea, vomiting, changed skin colour (jaundice), disturbed appetite, stool problems, you should seek medical advice from a qualified gastroenterologist. Visit the Gastrоenterological Department and choose the service required. The JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) Centre will make every effort to restore the patient’s health in as expedient a way as possible.

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