Dermatovenerology and cosmetology

Dermatovenereology is a discipline combining the resources of venereology (field of medicine dealing with sexually transmitted infectious diseases) and dermatology (medical direction specializing in skin diseases).

It turns out in practice that these two directions are closely interconnected in a separate multi-purpose field allowing to solve a broad range of medical tasks associated with the skin, mucous membranes, nails and hair.

Special attention is paid to dermatovenereology at JSC Meditsina Clinic (Academician’s Roitberg’s Clinic).


Our specialists provide thorough testing and allow our patients to get competent assistance in case of very different diseases. All that is associated with your heath and appearance is in safe hands.

Doctors-dermatologists/venereologists of JSC Meditsina Clinic (Academician’s Roitberg’s Clinic) have the highest qualification; they take training courses abroad and at the Russian healthcare facilities. We work continuously to improve the professional competence of our doctors and assisting nursing staff and can guarantee discreteness, an individual approach and absolute confidentiality. 


The diagnostic base is the most important in dermatovenereology. JSC Meditsina Clinic (Academician’s Roitberg’s Clinic) has its own 24 hour clinical laboratory with all the equipment necessary to test skin particles, liquid media of the organism; microscopy and other methods for fast testing are at our disposal. All these resources allow to obtain accurate data quickly (if necessary using express methods) to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe timely treatment in any situation.

Dermatologic infections and diseases are often chronic and require a combination of methods of physiotherapy, allopathy (pharmacotherapy), investigation and patient’s immune status improvement.

We help patients in emergency and chronic situations associated with suspected skin infections of the face, the body, the extremities or genitalia, in cases of hair or nail problems. A single qualified consultation and a correctly prescribed treatment program often allow to get rid of a problem which negatively affected the patient’s life quality for many years.

If necessary after treating the infection, the patient is referred to the Clinic of Clinical Cosmetology of JSC Meditsina where the healthy and shining appearance will be finally returned to the patient through use of dermabrasion, injection cosmetologic treatment and ultrasonic treatment.