Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Heart problems are not limited to older people. It also affects both middle-aged and young people. In order not to suffer from long-term treatment and subsequent restrictions in life, it is better to periodically undergo preventive examinations with a doctor.

In case you have already had a heart attack, or any other problem, it is better to go to a top-class medical center right away. We will help you to return to normal life. For this, we perform differents procedures. Only with such an integrated approach is it possible to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

Who is cardiac rehabilitation indicated for?

CLINIC THE MEDICINA, Medicina Roytberg's Clinic JSC has the most modern and efficient equipment. The staff is also selected with the highest qualifications and extensive experience. Only this combination can provide the best results of treatment and cardiac rehabilitation. This allows you to set a safe level of exercise for people at risk of heart disease:

  • after myocardial infarction or coronary artery bypass grafting;
  • with chronic angina pectoris and heart failure;
  • having an assisted ventricular device or heart transplant;
  • after defibrillator implantation, heart valve replacement, or resynchronization therapy.

Each disease requires a competent approach and organization of the recovery period. Always listen to your doctor's instructions on what to do and communicate your feelings as you recover. This will help to adjust the program individually for your body.

Each case is unique. And a doctor cannot just prescribe the same therapy for everyone. You always need to find an individual approach. And the patient's help in this is very important!

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Rehabilitation after heart disease

Rehabilitation medical complexes for patients who have suffered a myocardial infarction, or after CABG surgery, and other heart diseases, make it possible to return to active life and work, again to feel like a healthy person.

The treatment programs include:

  • Exercise therapy and various physical activities;
  • Appointments with a psychologist;
  • Observation by a cardiologist;
  • Adjusting the treatment strategy for each patient.

Physiotherapy is carried out by a physician who is highly qualified in his field. He also draws up an individual training program. During classes, he is constantly next to the patient to monitor his well-being. Many exercises are performed on specialized simulators.

We also provide services to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. This is a whole range of procedures that work. Here are the main reasons for the development of the disease:

  • Smoking;
  • Excessive food intake;
  • Excessive addiction to alcohol;
  • Constant stress;
  • Obesity;
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

Exercise to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease addresses the full spectrum of the above issues. Patients move a lot, eat only the right food, and a psychologist constantly talks to them. Thanks to this integrated approach, the program has a very high efficiency.

Here you can go through the EXTERNAL ENHANCED COUNTERPULSATION (EECP) procedure. It is painless and safe. Simultaneously with the pulse, the body is influenced so that the blood does not stagnate in the aorta and is well pumped through it.

Check out the prices for cardiac rehabilitation services:

Name Price (rub.)
Barometric influence - pressotherapy of extremities, pneumocompression 4640
Physiotherapy exercises using the simulator 1130
Vacuum skin massage 3490
External counterpulsation 6080
Enhanced external cardiac counterpulsation for recovery 3710
External counterpulsation 10 procedures within 4 months 51590
External counterpulsation 20 procedures within 4 months 97130
External counterpulsation 30 procedures within 4 months 141110

The main task of our cardiac rehabilitation center is to ensure the health of patients and return them to a normal life. If you have any questions, please call in Moscow +7 (495) 775-73-60.


Врач Aleksandr Shelepov
Experience 15 year
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Врач Ekaterina Morozova
Experience 21 year
Pediatrician, PhD (Medicine), member of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia
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Врач Karen Mkrtchyan
Urologist Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Association of Urology and the Russian Society of Urological Oncology
Experience 16 year
Urologist Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Association of Urology and the Russian Society of Urological Oncology
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Врач Mariya Grinberg
Dental therapist
Experience 30 year
Dental therapist, member of the International Dentistry Association (IDA)
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Врач Olga Berezhko
General practitioner
Experience 38 year
Board Certified General Practitioner (Highest Category), member of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine
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Врач Sergey Bykov
Experience 20 year
Allergologist (immunologist), PhD (Medicine), member of the Russian Association of Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists
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Врач Sergey Tarabarin
Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, European society of surgery
Experience 43 year
Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, European society of surgery Doctor of the highest category, professor, member of the Moscow Surgical Society.
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Врач Yury Chernov
MR imaging (MRI), SPECT
Experience 45 year
Board certified physician (Highest Category in Radiology), member of the European Society of Radiology
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