Echocardiography (ECHO CG) is a type of ultrasound scanning which is a minimally invasive diagnostic method using ultrasonic waves. It is used to investigate the cardiac functioning disorders and prevent complications. Such a diagnostic procedure can be done in different modes including: 

  • Three-dimensional echocardiography; 
  • Doppler sonography; 
  • Contrast echocardiography.

Cardiac diseases are infamous for being most dangerous and unpredictable pathologies. A thorough diagnosis is required for their treatment. The earlier the treatment is started, the lower the risk of dangerous complications is. Echocardiography is used successfully in modern cardiology allowing to make a diagnosis and start therapeutic measures before it is too late.

Echocardiography diagnoses any changes in functional abilities of the cardiac valves. The specialist uses the ultrasound to visualize the cardiac structures, determine the septum thickness and the myocardial condition. The ultrasonic scanning of the heart can reveal a developed myocardial infarction even if there are no evident signs of pathology on the ECG.

Echocardiography allows to observe the heart functioning. The diagnostic procedure reveals changes in cardiac valve thickness and disturbances in movement of the valves. The echocardiographic investigation is used to assess the heart response to increase of physical stress, measure the dilation degree of its cavities and walls. The Doppler sonography of the heart allows to investigate the main blood flow parameters.

The method is highly informative and effective. The specialist performing the echocardiography should have the basic knowledge about topographic peculiarities of heart structures. This expertise helps assess the findings correctly and use the data to choose the therapy method.

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Indications for Echocardiography

  • diagnosing cardiovascular pathologies; 
  • cardiac murmurs; 
  • changes in the electrocardiogram; 
  • valvular heart disease; 
  • edemas on the legs, 
  • consciousness loss, 
  • dyspnea at rest and after stress; 
  • thoracic aorta dilation; 
  • history of cardiovascular disorders; 
  • thrombophlebitis, varicose disease; 
  • suspected cardiac tumors; 
  • essential hypertension; 
  • arrhythmias.


There are no age-related restrictions or contraindications for echocardiography. This diagnostic method is used even during pregnancy and the antenatal period. 

Echocardiography: How Is It Done?

Echocardiography is based on detection of echo signals from ultrasonic waves emitted by the device used by the physician. These signals occur thanks to interaction of the wave with the media with a different acoustic density. The reflected signal is recorded and serves as a base for forming the image which is displayed on the screen.

As a rule, this method for investigating the heart condition does not require any special preparation of the patient. The patient should only strip to the waist and lie down on a couch. Then sensors are attached to the body; the area, on which they are fixed, is smeared preliminarily with a special gel. The patient merely lies there for some time while the physician obtains the required data. 


Similar to the use of any other diagnostic method, when using echocardiography, interpretation of results is of significant importance. Our specialists will expediently prepare the conclusion based on the investigation findings, which will be the grounds for making an accurate diagnosis by the attending physician. 

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