Infectious disease specialist

An infectious disease specialist is a specialist engaged in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases caused by pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, tapeworms).

A tremendous number of infections has been registered in the world; their symptoms may be associated with all the body's organs and systems. Therefore, an infectious disease specialist should have extensive knowledge from related medical specialisms.

Many infections develop latently (i.e. without any manifestations) for some time. As a rule, this period is precisely the most favourable for treatment. But it is extremely difficult to spot a latent infection. Therefore, preventive visits to an infectious disease specialist are indicated for anyone who is serious about their health.

Indications for a Visit to an Infectious Disease Specialist

You should seek medical advice from an infectious disease specialist when acute or chronic infectious diseases are suspected, after contact with persons suffering from infections and after visiting countries with a high epidemiological risk (India, the developing countries of Asia, Africa).

Additionally, you should visit a specialist in cases of diagnosed infectious diseases. The infectious disease specialist will help overcome acute infections, monitor the course of chronic infections, correct the treatment regimen and prescribe a treatment that will ensure a long remission.


Any acute conditions excluding visits to a healthcare facility by the patient (him)herself are a counter-indication for visiting the infectious disease specialist. For example, patients with high fever (body temperature higher than 38°С) should seek to achieve improvement of their condition using symptom relieving medication and then visit the clinic. In addition, patients in acute conditions can call the infectious disease specialist.

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Despite a great variety of manifestations of different infections, there are symptoms which may be considered as a direct indication for consultation with an infectious disease specialist:

  • subfebrile body temperature (37–37.5°С) for a long duration;
  • enlarged lymph nodes in any part of the body;
  • small cuts, scratches not healing for a long time;
  • the occurrence of a pustular rash on the skin;
  • the combination of light-coloured faeces and dark (beer-like) urine;
  • jaundice of the skin and sclerae;
  • cough persisting for a long time;
  • diarrhoea or nausea.

The more symptoms from this list you detect, the higher the probability of an infectious disease. However, even one of the above symptoms requires consultation with a doctor.


Testing starts with obtaining the patient history. The doctor will ask you about the symptoms that are troubling you, your medical history, family history, will perform a visual examination. He (she) will prescribe standard laboratory tests which will show your general health condition and how far the pathological process has spread. For infections there exist specific laboratory testing methods to accurately determine the presence and species of the pathogen in the organism, and also to perform its genotyping. Primarily, these are the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method enabling detection of the pathogen DNA in the organism, even if it is present in a minimal quantity, and the enzyme immunoassay which shows the presence of antibodies against the pathogen in the organism.

Advantages of Seeking Medical Advice at the JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg)

You can be tested right from the day of the first visit, and obtain the results and recommendations concerning the treatment from your attending Doctor on the same day at the JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg).

The infectious disease specialists and immunologists specialising in infectious diseases are qualified to the highest level and give consultations to patients at our healthcare facility. When required, they consult with related specialists (the staff includes more than 300 doctors of all profiles) and with academicians at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in especially difficult cases. Our specialists use a package of measures aimed at the organism's complete restoration to health, monitor treatment at all stages, adjust the treatment regimen and give back the joy of a healthy life free from infections and parasites..

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