Electroneuromyography (ENMG)

Electroneuromyography is a modern method of instrumental diagnostics based on the measurement of bioelectric potentials in muscle fibres. This investigation enables assessing the conditions of certain parts of the nervous system, diagnosing spinal cord diseases, nerve and muscle tissue pathologies.

Electroneuromyography is performed with the help of a special device, an electromyograph, in the phase of increased muscle activity.

Three types of ENMG are used in medical practice. For instance, stimulation electroneuromyography includes measurement of bioenergetic potentials using special electrodes without any penetration into the tissues. This method is irreplaceable for the diagnosis of peripheral nerve disorders. Needle electoneuromyography (with penetration of needle electrodes into the muscle) is used primarily for diagnosis of spinal cord and skeletal muscle pathologies. Comprehensive electroneuromyography is used for the diagnosis of complex and mixed pathologies and also for the differentiation of diagnoses with similar symptoms.

Indications for ENMG

Electroneuromyography of the extremities is prescribed to monitor the courses of already diagnosed diseases and in cases of development of neuromuscular symptoms of uncertain typology. ENMG may be prescribed to patients who experience:

  • a feeling of numbness in the extremities;
  • painful sensations in muscles during movements;
  • an inexplicable feeling of tiredness in the extremities;
  • increased sensitivity to slight tactile stimuli;
  • minimal sensitivity when contacting with stimuli.

At the same time, ENMG can provide critical information on the condition of the nervous and muscular systems in such diseases as:

  • diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • radiculitis;
  • myasthenia;
  • spinal amyotrophy;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • spinal cord injuries;
  • stroke and post-stroke conditions.
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The procedure is counter-indicated for patients with cerebral seizure patterns, pronounced psychiatric disorders, for people with pacemakers. An early term of pregnancy rules out the practicability of this investigation, and in this case should be discussed with your attending Doctor. He (she) will most likely recommend postponing the procedure. In addition, the patient’s general health is key to the performance of the procedure. The procedure cannot be done when a patient experiences fever of up to 38ºС and higher.

How Electroneuromyography of the Extremities is Done

The investigation of the extremities is performed under conditions which are comfortable for the patient, in a specially equipped room. As a rule, the doctor asks the patient to get into a lying position and applies special electrodes that deliver electric pulses to their extremities, patches or needles depending on the type of procedure.

When performing needle ENMG, the effect is achieved using very fine needles which are introduced directly in the muscles. Patches do not require penetration into the tissues: they are applied onto the patient’ s skin and emit slight pulses. Response signals are recorded in the form of graphs. As a rule, the procedure is painless, but it may be accompanied with short-term discomfort, especially in cases of patients with hypersensitivity.


When interpreting the results, the specialist assesses pulse conduction in the nerves, pulse transmission velocity, amplitude of muscular response, presence or absence of spontaneous muscle contractions. All obtained data are recorded on electronic and paper media. The results are processed and interpreted by the doctor.

Advantages of ENMG at the JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg)

The most comfortable stimulation-type ENMG is available for the patients at the JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) in Moscow. The electromyographs at the clinic are highly sensitive and able to record the smallest bioenergetic pulses. All investigations are performed with maximum comfort for the patients. The cost of the procedure is shown on the price list. The prices of our services are optimal for most patients.

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