Clinic guarantees

In case of violations of the quality and safety of medical care, you can contact the Joint International Commission at:

Dear patients, visitors and friends,

I sincerely appreciate your choice of Medicina JSC to take care of your health condition. The treatment outcome is a joint effort of the physician and patient. However, high quality of medical assistance in line with the best global practices is possible to guarantee and should be done. Medicina JSC is the first clinic in Russia to design and implement quality assurance based on the best national guidelines and JCI standards for hospitals.

You and your physician should jointly agree on the measures to be taken on each stage of your treatment. We would like to make available complete information and knowledge regarding what JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) guarantees to you and the way you can keep under control the treatment procedure. It is your life and your health, and you have the right to be fully informed!

I guarantee to you that any justified claim will be addressed and you will get material compensation.

We want you to be aware of our guarantees and be sure that they will be in place. We aspire to meet your expectations and maintain partnership relationship to preserve and improve your health condition. 

Sincerely yours,G.E. Roytberg

President of Medicina JSC

Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Guarantees of the Medicina JSC Clinic:


Guarantees for diagnostics and treatment

1.                You will have a designated physician who will be in touch with you to control all the stages of preventive treatment, diagnostics and treatment (physician, pediatrician, oncologist and gynecologist). In case you want to change a personal physician, it is sure will be done.

2.                A clinician will examine you in full accordance with medical protocols and on the basis of international recommendations and standards. Any additional tests will be justified.

3.                We organize for you the necessary examination and prognosis within 24 working hours as long as this does not include tests requiring a longer time or histological laboratory work.

4.                We guarantee that the clinician will give you written recommendations on the results of the examination and provide you with information on any medication.

5.                We guarantee the sterility of consumables and regular disinfection of equipment in accordance with sanitary standards and rules.

6.                We guarantee that all medicinal products used by us are certified and of high quality, and are stored in the proper conditions. At your request we will show you the packaging so you can see for yourself.

7.                For injections we guarantee the use of only disposable materials and we will open the package in front of you.

8.                Information about your health and your visit is protected in accordance with the Federal Law "On the Basics of Health Care of Citizens in the Russian Federation" and the Federal Law “On personal data”.

9.                We perform mandatory multiple-stage medical staff members’ qualification check under JCI standards. In addition, ongoing development gives us the opportunity to ensure high qualification of physicians and hospital nurses.

10.           Before any surgical intervention in the clinic and the hospital we guarantee the identification of the patient and surgical site in accordance with JCI standards.

11.           In case of a force majeure, we guarantee the arrival of an emergency care team/ambulance team to any point of the clinic within 5 minutes.


Inpatient department warranties

12.           In the case of painful condition, we guarantee that we will do everything necessary to alleviate the pain.

13.           Information about your condition is strictly private. The attending physician will report your condition only to you personally and those trusted persons identified by you.

14.           During your stay in the inpatient department, your meals will be administered in accordance with the diet prescribed by the attending physician. If you undergo surgery, your doctor will give you a video recording of the operation. At your request, our doctors will contact colleagues from other hospitals or institutions and provide any necessary explanations.

15.           Your relatives may, with your consent, subscribe to SMS-notification of the beginning and end of the operation, and to connect to the video surveillance of the ward.

16.           At your discharge the attending physician will give you detailed recommendations on what needs to be done to maintain your health. They will discuss with you the medications that you will take after discharge and tell you about any necessary preventive measures. The attending physician will explain which doctor you should see and when so that your treatment is not interrupted.

17.           We guarantee that mothers can accompany their child up to the operating table.

18.           We guarantee relatives the right to visit patients in intensive care.


Service guarantees

19.           An appointment with a doctor of a certain specialty, subject to fixing such appointment before 13.00, is available the next day (except for PET/CT). This guarantee applies only to a specialty, but not to specific doctors, since they may not be available due to vacation or sick leave.

20.           At your request you will be escorted around the clinic. On the first floor, contact the reception desk and you will be accompanied by an administrator. Between the offices you will be accompanied by nurses. If we determine an increased risk of falling you will be accompanied from the entrance to the exit of the clinic.

21.           Waiting time for a doctor in the clinic is no more than 20 minutes from your appointment. If there is an unforeseen situation, the waiting time may increase. In such cases, the staff of the clinic will advise you about this on the spot or in advance at the mobile phone number you indicated.

22.           At your request, the results of diagnostic examinations (X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, computer and magnetic resonance imaging, PET/CT, etc.) and endoscopic operations will be recorded and provided to you (room 105, 1st floor).

23.           We guarantee the possibility of admission to the clinic by phone, through your personal account on the site, using the mobile application "Medicina" or a Telegram bot (except in case of possible technical failure). At your request, administrators at the reception desk or on the floors will help you install the mobile application and register a personal account.

24.           At your request we guarantee for you a concierge service (calling taxis, ordering flowers, etc.).

25.           We guarantee the availability of QR-admission to the clinic online: in a personal account, in the mobile application or using a Telegram bot.

26.           We guarantee that all employees of the clinic, in response to your request, will do everything possible to help you.

            If you liked the service, the attentive and sensitive attitude of the staff, and the diagnostic and therapeutic options of the clinic, we will be happy to hear about it from you.

            If you notice any discrepancy between the actual service provided and the guarantees of the Medicina JSC clinic, please let us know. Your feedback will be a significant help to us in providing high quality medical care.

You can contact us:

            By telephone: (495) 995-00-33, and your message will be recorded and sent to the chief physician of the relevant department.

            If you are in the clinic:


-     directly to the chief physicians of the departments;

-     to the deputy director of the medical service (10th floor - reception, internal phone: 10-01):

-     to the director of the medical service (10th floor - reception).

By internal telephones

·        by the red internal telephones with a direct number located:

- on the first floor near the central entrance and near the elevators;

- on the 10th floor near the reception of the director of the medical service;

·        by internal telephones: 13-46 or 13-99.

In writing:

-     by email:;

-     by letter to the address of the clinic: Moscow, 125047, 2nd Tverskoy-Yamskoy per., 10;

-     by a written application to the office (10th floor, office No. 9);

-     leave a record in the review book (on the racks of the administrators - on each floor of the clinic);

-     Fill in the questionnaire on the stands with the guarantees of the clinic near the racks of the administrators or on the website

-     Rate the doctor on the site or in the mobile application of the clinic. 


Claims Management


-          We guarantee that your written requests, questions, suggestions and complaints will be replied to within 7 working days, and in case of a justified claim we will pay you material compensation.

-         Our GUARANTEES are constantly improved based on your wishes, and we are open to your ideas, which can improve the quality of medical care.