Ophthalmology Center

The Ophthalmology Department of the JSC "Medicina" clinic is engaged in the diagnostics and treatment of eyes. Thanks to modern equipment, the specialists of the medical center quickly determine the diagnosis and prescribe effective inpatient therapy or outpatient procedures. In the department, doctors use various types of laser vision correction, including LASIK technology, and work with diseases such as:

  • cataract;
  • implantation of multifocal lenses;
  • pathology of the retina;
  • ptosis of the eyelid;
  • glaucoma;
  • ulcerative processes of the cornea;
  • volvulus and eversion of the eyelids;
  • cysts;
  • strabismus;
  • astigmatism;
  • hyperopia, etc.

Reception at the clinic is conducted by ophthalmologists and ophthalmic surgeons with extensive experience. During the visit, the doctor examines the eye under a special microscope, takes anamnesis, and prescribes tests. This is necessary for diagnosis and individualized treatment.

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Code Name Price (RUB)
B01.029.001 Ophthalmologist consultation, treat/diagn, first, outpatient 6790
B01.029.001.001 Ophthalmologist consultation, house call 12590
B01.029.002 Ophthalmogist consultation, treat/diagn, follow-up, outpatient 6290
B04.029.001 Ophthalmologist consultation, brief, outpatient 4990
A02.26.003 Ophthalmoscopy with midriasis 3790
A02.26.003.001 Bioophthalmoscopy 1510
A02.26.003.004 Ophthalmoscopy with indirect lense 60 D 4330
A02.26.003.005 Eye fundal examination without mydriasis 3790
A02.26.003.006 Линзометрия компьютерная 1630
A02.26.003.007 Обратная офтальмоскопия бинокулярным налобным офтальмоскопом (2 глаза) 5080
A02.26.005.001 Color perimetry 1940
A02.26.005.002 Achromatic perimetry 1940
A02.26.009 Color perception evaluation 1730
A02.26.010 Assessment of squint angle 590
A02.26.010.001 Photography of eye fundus with electrophthalmy 790
A02.26.014 Skiascopy 3140
A02.26.015 Ophthalmotonometry 1410
A02.26.015.001 Экзофтальмометрия (1 глаз) 970
A02.26.018 Fluorescein instillation probe 1040
A02.26.019 Active nasolacrimal probe 510
A02.26.019.001 Nasolacrimal (dye disappearance) test (one eye) 1410
A02.26.020 Shimmer test (1 eye) 1410
A02.26.020.001 Shimmer test 2 (1 eye) 1410
A02.26.021 Diaphanoscopy of eyelid 490
A02.26.022 Exophthalmometry 920
A02.26.023 Accomodation volume assessment 1290
A02.26.024 Binocular vision assessment 1190
A02.26.026 Convergence evaluation 490
A02.26.027 Evaluation of critical flicker fusion threshold 2270
A03.26.001 Biomicroscopy of episclera and conjunctiva 3450
A03.26.002 Gonioscopy 4650
A03.26.003 Retinal examination with use of contact Goldman` lens (2 eyes) 4760
A03.26.004 Ophthalmochromoscopy 3790
A03.26.005.001 Eye fundal photography (2 eyes) 5410
A03.26.006 Fluorescent angiography (2 eyes) 9950
A03.26.007 Evaluation or retinal visual acuity 720
A03.26.008 Refractometry 1510
A03.26.008.001 Computed refractometry 3790
A03.26.009 Ophthalmometry 1940
A03.26.009.001 Computed ophthalmotonometry 2810
A03.26.011 Corneal pachimetry (2 eyes) 1410
A03.26.011.002 Computed keratotopography (2 eyes) 2380
A03.26.011.003 Компьютерная диагностика зрения с подбором простых стекол 2060
A03.26.011.004 Компьютерная диагностика зрения с подбором сложных стекол 2490
A03.26.015 Electronic tonography 4650
A03.26.017 Retinal rupture evaluation 8760
A03.26.019.001 Optical coherent tomography of anterior chamber angle (anterior part) 7570
A03.26.019.002 Optical coherent tomography of retina and optic nerve (posterior part) 7570
A03.26.020 Computed perimetry 3790
A03.26.021 Tear film stability (Norm) test (one eye) 1040
A04.26.004 Echobiometry (A-method) (2 eyes) 1840
A05.26.003 Assessment of electric sensitivity threshold for retina and optic nerve lability (2 eyes) 1730
A05.26.007 Optic coherent biometry 2590
A11.02.002.012 Паравазальная блокада 1730
A11.26.004 Lacrimal canal lavage (for one) 4650
A11.26.009.001 Sampling of conjuctival discharge for culture 920
A11.26.011 Retrobulbar injection 1940
A11.26.011.001 Subconjuctival injection (parabulbar) 1630
A11.26.011.002 Intraorbital administration of retinilalamine 13730
A11.26.011.003 Ретросклеральное пломбирование биоматериалом Аллоплант 20220
A11.26.013.001 Retrobulbar space catheterization 13080
A11.26.014 Medication administration into the retrobulbar catheter 780
A12.26.007 Loading testing for tonometry 2490
A12.26.016 Autokeratorefractometry 2810
A14.26.002 Medication instillation 290
A16.26.006 Incision and drainage of lacrimal sac phlegmonon 22610
A16.26.007.003 Temporaty and permanent obturation of lacrimal ducts (1 eye) 17630
A16.26.011 Lacrimal canal probing, activation of lacrimal point 6920
A16.26.013.001 Medicinal drug administration into chalazion 3020
A16.26.014.001 "Molluscum contagiosum removal, excision of the small retention cyst of eyelids and conjunctiva, ""millet""," 4650
A16.26.018 Eyelash epilation 770
A16.26.020 Eyelid surgery for lower eyelid extropion 36450
A16.26.025 Eyelid benign lesion removal 8980
A16.26.046.001 Surgery PTK (1 eye) 48340
A16.26.046.002 Surgery PRK (1 eye) 45970
A16.26.046.005 Операция ФРК и ФТК (1 глаз) 59910
A16.26.046.006 Коррекция осложнений ФРК после ФРК и других типов рефракционных операций (1 глаз) 48340
A16.26.046.007 Операция ФРК с астигматизмом (1 глаз) 48340
A16.26.046.008 Коллагенопластика (дополнительно к рефракционной операции) 19570
A16.26.046.009 Склеропластика (дополнительно к рефракционной операции) 31260
A16.26.047 Surgery LASIK for myopia with astigmatism (1 eye) 63810
A16.26.047.004 Surgery LASIK for myopia (1 eye) 63810
A16.26.047.005 Surgery LASIK for hypermetropia (1 eye) 63810
A16.26.047.006 Surgery LASIK for presbiopy (1 eye) 63810
A16.26.047.007 Surgery LASIK for mixed astigmatism (1 eye) 63810
A16.26.047.008 Surgery LASIK after refraction interventions (1 eye) 123290
A16.26.047.009 Surgery LASIK for incorrect astigmatism (1 eye) 63810
A16.26.047.010 Surgery LASIK for anisometropy (1 eye) 63810
A16.26.047.011 Операция LASIK при миопии слабой степени (до -2.5Д)(1 глаз) 42930
A16.26.047.012 Докоррекция эксимерным лазером после проведенных ранее в АО "Медицина" рефракционных операций 7020
A16.26.057 Удаление инородного тела из переднего сегмента глаза 8430
A16.26.060 Laser iridectomy (1 eye) 43040
A16.26.106 Pterygium removal with plasty, polishing with eximer laser (1 eye) 35690
A16.26.110.001 "Pleoptic treatment with ""Sinaptofor"" device (1 procedure)" 820
A16.26.110.002 "Maculotest and maculostimulation with ""Sinaptofor"" device (1 procedure)" 1080
A16.26.130 Ex-press drain implant for glaucoma (without the cost of material) 60670
A16.26.137 Removal of the corneal and scleral sutures 4430
A16.26.137.001 Suture removal from eyelids, post-operative management 2160
A16.26.137.002 Removal of the conjuctival sutures 3140
A16.26.137.003 Снятие швов с кожи век и придатков 2060
A17.26.002 Magnetic stimulation in ophthalmology 1290
A17.30.027.004 Laser phoresis of medications in ophthalmology 1730
A19.26.001 "Orthoptic treatment with ""Sinaptofor"" device (1 procedure)" 1730
A19.26.002 "Treatment with ""Ambiocor"" device 1 procedure" 1510
A21.26.001 Eyelid massage 1840
A21.26.001.001 Обучение гимнастике для глаз 480
A21.26.019 Conjuctival cavity lavage 2060
A21.26.019.001 Post-operative eye care 1040
A22.26.009.001 IR limitating retinal laser coagulation 21090
A22.26.009.002 Peripheral retinal laser coagulation (1 eye) 48240
A22.26.009.003 Limitating laser coagulation (1 eye) 38610
A22.26.010 Panretinal laser coagulation (1 eye) 67810
A22.26.012 Retinal laser stimulation 860
A22.26.012.001 Laser therapy with IR laser in ophthalmology 1410
A22.26.012.002 Барраж макулярной области (1 глаз) 50590
A22.26.012.003 Антиглаукоматозная операция с эксимерным лазером (1 глаз) 85760
A22.26.015 IR transpupillar thermotherapy (1 procedure) 24550
A22.26.018 Laser cyclopexy for glaucoma (1 eye) 6270
A22.26.029 Sectoral laser coagulation (1 eye) 45190
A23.26.001.001 Evaluation of glasses strength with dioptometry 1010
A23.26.002.002 Selection of cylindrical, bifocal, and other complex glasses 3140
A23.26.002.003 Contact lenses selection (Soflens 66) 2380
B01.029.001.003 Surgeon-Ophthalmologist consultation (first) 3660
B01.029.002.001 Surgeon-Ophthalmologist consultation (follow-up) 3140
A04.26.003.001 B-scanning of orbit, 1 eye 2120
A11.26.005 Зондирование слезно-носового канала 9130
A16.26.006.144 Dilation of the lacrimal points, lacrinal duct dilation 24940
A16.26.013 Chalazion excision 37130
A16.26.014.006 Удаление новообразований век халязиома, ксантелазмы, кисты, кожного рога, папиллом; 16550
A16.26.026.001 Eyelid surgery 49860
A16.26.044 Pterygium excision and plasty 29710
A16.26.044.001 Удаление птиригиума с пластикой 37130
A16.26.049.010 Penetrated keratoplasty with use of single-use trephine (without cost of donor material) 179290
A16.26.052 Corneal suture 16550
A16.26.063 Glaucoma surgery: iridocycloretraction 33310
A16.26.075 Scleroplasty 29710
A16.26.086.001 Intravitreal drug administration (with the drug cost) 33950
A16.26.086.002 Интравитреальное введение препарата (со стоимостью препарата) 113520
A16.26.093.002 Extracapsular cataract extraction with IOL implantation for traumatic cataract (without IOL cost) 102910
A16.26.093.003 Computed phacoemulsification with IOL implantation (without IOL cost) 77750
A16.26.093.004 Computed phacoemulsification with implantation of the rigid IOL 1st category (1 eye) 47640
A16.26.093.005 Computed phacoemulsification with implantation of the soft IOL 2nd category (1 eye) 70980
A16.26.093.006 Computed phacoemulsification with implantation of the soft IOL 3rd category (1 eye) 110330
A16.26.093.007 Computed phacoemulsification with implantation of the soft multifocal IOL 4th category (1 eye) 184590
A16.26.093.008 Computer phacoemulsification of cataract with femtosecond accompaniment with implantation of soft / multifocal soft IOL category 1 (1 eye) - without the cost of IOL 108210
A16.26.093.009 Computer phacoemulsification of cataract with femtosecond accompaniment with implantation of soft / multifocal soft IOL category 2 (1 eye) - without the cost of IOL 131550
A16.26.093.010 Computer phacoemulsification of cataract with femtosecond accompaniment with implantation of soft / multifocal soft IOL category 3 (1 eye) - without the cost of IOL 171870
A16.26.093.011 Computer phacoemulsification of cataract with femtosecond accompaniment with implantation of soft / multifocal soft IOL category 4 (1 eye) - without the cost of IOL 247190
A16.26.094 IOL implantation into phakial eye (without IOL cost) 94420
A16.26.094.001 IOL suturing 24940
A16.26.096 Intracapsular cataract extraction without IOL implantation 31610
A16.26.097 Discission of the posterior lens capsule 26940
A16.26.103.004 Хирургическое лечение повреждений орбиты, век 40740
A16.26.112 Glaucoma surgery: penetrating deep sclerotomy 46580
A16.26.117 Glaucoma surgery: nonpenetrating mini invasive technology 86780
A16.26.117.001 Glaucoma surgery: nonpenetrating deep sclerotomy with hydrogel or collagen drainage 54950
A16.26.129 Glaucoma surgery: viscocanalostomy with hydrogel or collagen drainage 74890
A16.26.133 Glaucoma surgery: Schlemm's canal drainage 66520
A22.26.009 Laser treatment C. Coagulation of definite zones and vessels 29070

Indications for seeing a doctor

Be sure to consult an ophthalmologist if you notice the following symptoms:

  • deterioration of visual ability near and far;
  • presence of strabismus;
  • sensation of a foreign object in the eye;
  • redness;
  • dryness of the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • the discomfort;
  • the appearance of pain in the eyes, etc.

Often, the patient does not notice the deterioration of vision, since many diseases may initially be asymptomatic. Therefore, experts recommend, even in the absence of complaints, to carry out diagnostics once a year.

Preparation for surgery, results and recovery

When prescribing an operation, it is necessary to prepare for the intervention. In addition to the tests prescribed by the doctor, the patient should give up contact lenses two weeks before the procedure. For 2 days - exclude the use of cosmetics. On the day of the operation, it is advisable to have a good breakfast and wear comfortable clothes.

Eye surgery in many cases can significantly improve the patient's vision. When the disease is started, the doctor will tell you how much recovery is possible after the procedure. The surgeon assesses the risks of reconstructive surgery, possible results and informs the patient individually.

Recovery time can varies. With laser correction, the patient does not see very clearly the first 2-3 days. After 4-5 days, he will be able to look at the light and not feel discomfort.

After more serious corneal incision surgery, rehabilitation may take longer. To speed up recovery, follow your doctor's recommendations.

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