How to become our client

All you need to do to become a Customer of Meditsina Clinic is to arrange a visit to a physician and receive all required services having concluded a contract of public offer for providing medical aid to single visit patients. You should not be ill to consult a physician; you can request a visit to check your condition so that you could remain healthy for as long as possible. .

As you very well know, it is easier to prevent any disease than to treat it. Timely prophylactic examinations including physicals represent one of the most effective ways to detect diseases at an early stage.

Your district GP at Meditsina Clinic will refer you for an examination and a consultation in accordance with medical standards and your age. You can be confident that not a single, even the least, abnormality will remain unnoticed by our physicians.

If you suffer from chronic diseases, regular examinations and preventive treatment measures will allow to avoid exacerbations of diseases, achieve the stable condition and improve significantly your quality of life.

You can take care of your health in different ways: from time to time when one feels unwell or systematically, working to prevent the disease and fighting it at its earliest stages.

Choose a year-long contract with Meditsina Clinic if you wish to undergo regular health survey, be followed up by the physician who will oversee all stages of diagnostics, treatment and prevention, if you wish to be in advance of the development of a disease and preserve your habitual, full lifestyle.

Medical aid to single-visit patients of Meditsina Clinic is provided in accordance with the contract of public offer.