Urology - Andrology


Patients with male diseases are consulted by highly-qualified urologists-andrologists at JSC Meditsina. Having established the problem, the Doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment and provide the moral support to the patient. 

Urologic Center for Effective Management of Male Health Problems

Andrology deals with diseases of the male urogenital organs: sexual disorders, prostatitis, adenoma, treatment of infertility etc.

The ICI certified Urologic Department of JSC Meditsina Clinic diagnoses and treats diseases of the male sexual sphere.

Cutting-edge equipment, latest drugs and up-to-date methods allow the specialists of the Center to manage these health problems successfully. 

Advantages of Treating Male Diseases at Urologic Department

  • Qualified staff 
  • Treatment provided by experienced specialists, members of the Professional Association of Andrologists of Russia 
  • Successful introduction of cutting-edge treatment methods by best qualified Doctors 
  • Use of innovative equipment at the clinic


The Urologic Department has been fitted out with high-technology equipment. Use of cutting-edge drugs allows to administer the treatment according to international standards. 

Five-Star Comfort

Modern patient rooms have been fitted out with all the necessary equipment.

The accommodating atmosphere and courteous staff improve the patients’ life quality and assist in their recovery.

Causes for Treatment of Andrologic Diseases at our Clinic

  • Comprehensive treatment programs

The Clinic of Urology and Andrology provides a complex of procedures to our patients, from diagnostics, to treatment and rehabilitation therapy. The tactics is determined by a team of specialists. The complex approach facilitates effective treatment of diseases. 

  • European-class service

Your physician-case manager will oversee the specialists’ prescriptions. He(she) shall be available to the patient any time of day or night. 

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The Urologic Department of the Clinic employs experienced Doctors. They will provide support and perform the treatment. 

Врач Olga Berezhko
General practitioner
Experience 38 year
Board Certified General Practitioner (Highest Category), member of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine
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Diagnostics and Treatment of Andrologic Diseases

The Urologic Department of the Clinic employs experienced Doctors. They will provide support and perform the treatment. 

  • sexually transmitted diseases; 
  • male infertility; 
  • different types of sexual disorders: erection problems, diminished sexual drive, premature ejaculation and other ejaculation disorders; 
  • genital surgery; 
  • testosterone deficiency; 
  • genitalia injuries; 
  • Peyronie’s disease and other penis deformations.

Types of therapy offered: physiotherapy, laser therapy, exercises, pharmacotherapy, massage, surgery.

Special attention is paid to pediatric andrology. Our Doctors will help deal with congenital urologic diseases in small children. 

We Shall Leave Diseases No Chances

If you suspect you have an andrologic disease, do not just withdraw into yourself. Your condition will respond to the treatment if you seek medical attention of an experienced Doctor immediately. Do not postpone the visit to our Center. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.


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