Head MRI

Currently, the head MRI is the safest and the most informative medical examination, which provides data on the structure of a brain, brain membranes, blood vessels and other organs located within the cranium. The magnetic resonance principle is based on the feature of hydrogen atoms to emit radio signals (resonate) in a magnetic field. This examination is non-invasive, painless and completely harmless. This procedure can be done in our clinic by making an appointment by phone or through the application form on the website. It is possible to check the cost of an MRI with the manager.

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Siemens Magnetom Skyra - 3 Tesla (64 slices, 48 channels)
  • Up to 250 kg*
  • MRI for children and adults
  • Under anesthetic
  • MRI with and without contrast agent

* - The working load capacity of the table is 250 kg, but the decision about the examination is made by the doctor based on the availability of the apparatus aperture of 70 cm.


Its main differences from similar machines of previous generations are:

    Exceptional image quality.

    The magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla makes it possible to examine the deepest layers of tissues and organs without loss of accuracy and create a clear, informative image.

    It has a high-precision detailing.

    4-slice technology is revolutionary today, as it provides high-precision detailing of images and allows to register even the smallest signs of pathology, which makes it possible to diagnose cancer at the earliest stages!

    It is suitable for the youngest patients.

    The power of our machine of 3 Tesla allows us to obtain high quality images in a shorter time, which makes a MRI procedure for children easier.

    No restrictions.

    Our machine is equipped with a high-capacity table, so we can perform a head MRI procedure for patients with heavy weights (up to 250 kg).

    Tim 4G technology.

    This is a unique development by SIEMENS, which has changed MRI. It eliminated the need to change the patient's posture when examining multiple areas of the body. High-precision imaging of processes in real time has also become possible.

The above features allow you to create a computer model of brain tissue as accurately as possible, displaying structural abnormalities and allowing a correct diagnosis based on objective data. This is the most modern equipment for performing a head MRI. If you need an extremely accurate and objective result, the examination in our clinic will provide it.

Indications for a head MRI

As a rule, a head MRI is prescribed for

  • headaches and/or dizziness;
  • systematic fainting;
  • unreasonable visual or hearing impairment;
  • injures;
  • brain infections;
  • tumors in the tissues of the brain, membranes, or brain vessels;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • epileptic seizures.

Исследование часто назначают перед проведением хирургической операции либо для наблюдения за ходом лечения.

Preparation for a head MRI

There is no need to specially prepare for a head MRI, but before the procedure you should consult with your doctor about possible contraindications to the examination.

МРТ головного мозга
It is desirable to refrain from eating and drinking 1-2 hours before the visit to the clinic.
МРТ головного мозга
Before the procedure, you have to remove all metal objects from your body, including clothing and underwear with elements of any metal.
МРТ головного мозга
Electronic gadgets (your phone, tablet, smart watch, etc.) should also be left in the changing room.

When you go to an MRI, be sure to take it with you:

  • a referral with the diagnosis and purpose of the examination;
  • results of previous radiological examinations (computed tomography, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound);
  • Medical documentation (specialist reports, extracts from medical or outpatient records, etc.).

Contraindications to a head MRI

An MRI should be withheld if:

  • the patient is pregnant in the first trimester;
  • the patient has a pacemaker or other non-removable device.;
  • the patient has fixed dentures or braces;
  • the patient has metal splinters and other foreign bodies in the body;
  • the patient has heart failure;
  • the patient has tremors or pains that do not allow him to remain immobile for a long time.


You can rely on the professionalism and years of experience of our doctors, as they are highly qualified specialists. All examinations are carried out by radiologists and radiographers of the highest category, members of the European Society of Radiographers. They regularly participate in professional conferences and symposia.

Врач Yury Chernov
MR imaging (MRI), SPECT
Experience 45 year
Board certified physician (Highest Category in Radiology), member of the European Society of Radiology
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Benefits of the clinic

At the JSC Medicine Center (Academician Roitberg Clinic) in Moscow you can get vaccinated with three vaccines: Sputnik V, Sputnik Light and CoviVac.

Each patient who has been vaccinated in two stages against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 at the JSC Medicina is given a special badge "Immunity against COVID-19 is confirmed".

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The clinic is located in the center of Moscow in a 5-minute walk from underground stations. Two large buildings combine clinic, dentistry, emergency department, pharmacy, laboratory, where patients can test the urine and establish the presence and concentration of any microelement.


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MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
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What does a head MRI show?
An MRI provides information about the condition of brain tissue and membranes, the permeability of blood vessels, the presence and size of tumors, blood clots, hematomas and other pathologies. By examining the images, the neurosurgeon or other specialist can obtain information about the location of the pathology and the extent of brain tissue damage and can decide whether to operate or monitor the treatment.
How is an MRI of the head done?
An MRI is carried out as an outpatient procedure in a special room of the clinic where an MRI machine is located. No X-rays or radioactive isotopes are used during the scan. All the patient has to do is lie still during the procedure.
How long does it take to carry out an MRI scan of the head?
The use of the modern MAGNETOM Skyra machine has reduced the time required for head MRI to 15-20 minutes.
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