Densitometry of Bones

Densitometry is a method for ultrasonic or X-ray examination of bone tissue density allowing to assess bone demineralization degree and determine the quantitative parameters of bone calcium content. This examination is irreplaceable to prevent severe fractures in old age, in women in the menopausal period and also in all diseases accompanied with bone mass loss.

Densitometry of bones is non-traumatic, absolutely painless for the patient, not associated with physical discomfort, does not require much time and, what is most important, it allows to prevent the severe consequences of osteoporosis, a systemic disease accompanied with bone demineralization.

As a rule, if a physician suspects osteoporosis, he (she) first prescribes the patient to undergo ultrasonic densitometry.

If the procedure confirms the diagnosis and some further clarifications are required, he (she) may prescribe an additional X-ray: a standard X-ray or a scan with radioisotopes. 

Densitometry of Bones

Indications for the Procedure

This preventive procedure is indicated for all those who reached the age of 50 years. The risk of osteoporosis, the disease which is asymptomatic initially, increases around this age.

But it is best treatable just in its latent phases. The timely instrumental diagnosis will help avoid severe fractures including femoral neck or spinal fractures.

Bone densitometry is recommended also for:

  • women after the onset of the climacteric period; 
  • patients receiving hormone replacement therapy for a long period; 
  • after femoral neck or spinal fractures at the age of 40+ years; 
  • if primary symptoms of osteoporosis develop; 
  • patients aged under 30 years whose close relatives suffer from osteoporosis.
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When Is Densitometry Contraindicated?

There are no absolute contraindications for the ultrasonic densitometry. Densitometry is not performed when a patient has fever higher than 38ºС. Get well before doing the procedure.

Densitometry cannot be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding, for people in debilitated general condition, with significantly lowered immunity. 

How Is Densitometry Done?

In order to obtain the most objective finding, it is necessary to exclude the use of calcium preparations 24 hours before the procedure. Any other special preparation for the procedure is not required.

The ultrasonic investigation is performed with the help of a portable single-unit device. The investigated part of the body is placed into a special recession with an ultrasonic sensor and after that, the device records the velocity of ultrasound passing through the bone structures, processes the results and displays them on the computer monitor.

The X-ray diagnosis of the bone is performed as a rule in the lying position on the X-ray table. The patient should keep the static posture. The physician may ask the patient to hold his or her breath during the procedure to obtain the best scan quality. 


The physician makes a diagnosis based on the results of assessment of two parameters. These are the so-called T- and Z-criteria. The Т-criterion is a difference between ideal bone density coefficient and the patient’s bone density coefficient. This parameter value is less than 1 in the norm. The Z-criterion is a difference between the values of patient’s bone density and the normal values for this age. The pathology is present if there are quantitative deviations from the normal values. The results are interpreted always by your attending physician.

Advantages of Doing Densitometry at JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg)

Both ultrasonic and X-ray diagnostic methods are available for patients of our Clinic. All procedures are performed using the modern equipment which allows to process the data automatically and interpret them as soon as possible. The X-ray scan using our equipment makes it possible to ensure highly accurate visualization with the minimum short-term irradiation. The diagnostic procedures are performed by experienced roentgeologists and specialists in ultrasonic scanning.

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