Body plethysmography

Body plethysmography (literally “measurement of lung volume”) is a device-based method for assessment of the respiratory function. The investigation is similar to spirometry in terms of its purpose but it is more complex and informative. With all the benefits of radiographic investigation methods such as a CT or an X-ray, they do not provide the pulmonologist the information which can be gained as a result of body plethysmography: data on the total lung volume, their diffusion capacity, volume and compliance. Only this method can provide the missing elements to construct a full picture of the diagnosis.

Body plethysmography is non-invasive, painless and quite comfortable for the patient. In contrast to spirometry, the objectivity of body plethysmography findings is not influenced by the patient’s conations; the investigation method depends only on the inborn respiratory reflex, therefore, pulmonologists appreciate it as an important stage of diagnostic measures. 


Body plethysmography is indicated in case of any respiratory function disorders or if they are only suspected, in obstructive processes and for assessment of their irreversibility. It is prescribed to the patients with such pathologies as: 

  • pulmonary emphysema; 

  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); 

  • acute pneumonia and acute bronchitis; 

  • asthma; 

  • sarcoidosis; 

  • cardiovascular pathologies accompanied with dyspnea or cough.

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This investigation method is contraindicated in case of consciousness disorders, claustrophobia, severe respiratory failure, severe arterial hypertension and complicated pregnancy at late terms. 

What Is the Procedure Like?

It is not advisable to smoke at least for 6 hours before the diagnostic procedure; you should refrain from eating or any physical activities 2 hours before the procedure.

This investigation method is performed in the sitting position in a special airtight cabin. The patient should strictly follow the physician’s instructions during the procedure and breathe through the device tube fitted out with a disposable mouthpiece. At some time point the tube is closed and the assessment of the patient’s respiratory function is continued when he(she) tries to breathe in. The device records an important parameter: alveolar pressure and bronchial resistance under such conditions. The software data processing is carried out automatically. All parameter values are processed and interpreted by the physician. 


The entire procedure takes from 20 to 40 minutes. The physician issues the conclusion immediately after the procedure is completed. The doctor will describe in details the diagnostic results, provide information on concrete diagnoses and the condition of the pulmonary function, give recommendations on treatment and, if necessary, order additional testing. 

Advantages of having your body plethysmography procedure done at JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic)

JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) in Moscow is equipped with modern body plethysmography equipment fitted out with the lung diffusion capacity testing module. The cutting-edge software of the devices allows to process data in real time and the comfortable diagnostic room will help perform the procedure in the patient’s optimum emotional condition and obtain the most objective results.

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