Multi-Slice Spiral Computed Tomography (MSCT)

The multi-slice spiral computed tomography (MSCT) is one of the most up-to-date and information-rich methods for investigation of different internal organs: the brain, the heart, the vessels, the vertebral column, the joints, the lungs, the abdominal cavity, and upper and lower extremities. Today tomography (MSCT) is used practically in all fields of medicine replacing classical X-ray diagnostic methods to a significant extent.

JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) in Moscow offers more than 30 types of MSCT scans to its patients. For computed tomography, we use the Somatom Definition state-of-the-art scanner (made by Siemens) which allows to carry out the layer-by-layer scanning of organ tissues and determine precise localization of the pathologic process. This makes it possible for a Doctor to diagnose any condition even at its early stage. The patients are served by qualified Doctors-roentgenologists with many years of experience in MSCT. 

How Is Computed Tomography Done?

The standard MSCT procedure (without contrast enhancement or general anesthesia) does not cause any special discomfort for the patient and lasts for 10–40 minutes depending on the area and depth of the investigated region (total time of exposure to radiation does not exceed one minute). The patient lies down on a special couch, which is moved into a round capsule of the scanner radiating X-rays. The MSCT apparatus examines the patient’s body with X-rays making a series of transverse slices of the organs in different projections. A built-in computer processes all data and models 3D images of various organs.

Before the MSCT procedure, a contrast agent is preliminarily administered to the patient in some cases to obtain a more accurate picture of his or her condition. It is absolutely safe and is excreted from the body within several days.

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Main Benefits of MSCT

Computed tomography is the most effective method for diagnosing different diseases. 

  • high scanning rate (0.83 ms); 
  • Images of layers as thin as 1 mm can be obtained; 
  •  the procedure allows to precisely assess the condition of the brain and the condition of internal organs in 3D and 4D modes; 
  •  high resolution allows to make scans of excellent quality both in multiplanar and 3D reconstructions; 
  •  MSCT guarantees clearer visualization; 
  • minimum exposure to radiation which ensures safety of the procedure for the patient’s health.

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