Dental department

The main thing in dental care is choosing a good dentist. In our department over 50 people work: dentists, dental assistants, dental technicians, junior personnel. All these people are professionals. To get hired the person has to have a certificate. The specialists at our clinic regularly raise their qualifications in leading clinics and scientific institutions in Russia, America and Europe. Our clinic regularly organizes off-premises seminars. 

The department is equipped with the latest treatment and diagnostic equipment of leading world manufacturers. In our department, there is a laboratory with the latest equipment for all types of dental work. 

The department is entirely computerized: the medical record of each patient is kept in the data base. That significantly simplifies the work of the dentist and his assistants. One of the main merits of our clinic is the comprehensive approach to treatment. 

The clinic can offer you all the kinds of services existing today in dental care. You can decide what services to use exactly after consulting with one of our dentists who instill trust both by their professionalism and human qualities. 

There is a children’s dental department in our clinic. We use the latest technologies and the best anesthetics, and a drill doesn’t need to be used for a cavity (the preparation Carisolv is used instead). If you don’t want your teeth to be yellow and crumble and want to hear the word cavity only in TV commercials, turn to our dentists. In the dental department there are the following specialists: - Hygienist - Implantologist - Orthodontist - Orthopedist - Paradontologist - Dentist-Therapist - Pediatric Dentist-Therapist - Dentist-Surgeon - Dental Restoration