Lateralization and posteorization of the mandibular nerve

11 september 2018
Королев Роман Константинович
dentistry. implantology, dentistry. surgery
Латерализация и постеориоризация нижнечелюстного нерва

Patient C. 48 years old.

Complaints. During the initial visit to the dental department of the clinic of JSC "Medicine" in June 2018 - complaints about missing teeth.

Латерализация и постеориоризация нижнечелюстного нерва

Medical history.

There is no somatic pathology.

Previously, she had removable dentures.

When viewed.

The face configuration has not been changed.

The skin in the area of ​​the masticatory muscles and joints is clean, of normal color.

Opening of the mouth is free, symmetrical, without extraneous noise from the temporomandibular joint.

In the mouth:

17, 16, 24, 25, 26, 27 - dental implants covered with crowns;

37, 36, 35, 45, 46, 47 - absent;

metal-ceramic bridges supported on 34-33, 43-44 (pathological mobility of the III degree, hermeticity is broken);

23 - under the metal-ceramic crown;

on the lower jaw - a clasp prosthesis.

Бюгельный протез

Treatment performed.

By agreement with the patient, 33, 34, 38, 43, 44 teeth were removed, and trapezoidal incisions of the mucous membrane of the alveolar process were made in the area of ​​35-47 and 45-47.

Muco-periosteal flaps were detached.

With the help of the Piezotome, the operation of lateralization and postorization of the mandibular nerve in the area of ​​35-37 and 45-47 was performed.

7 implant beds were formed using XiVE burs and bone condensers. Introduced XiVE implants in the area 35, 36, 37 - D3.4 / L13; 45, 46, 47 - D3.4 / L9.5; 44 - D3.8 / L9.5; 43 - D3.8 / L11.

Defects in the cervical areas of implants were filled with bone chips, BIO OSS was placed.

On top, overlapping the ridge, Bio-Gide barrier membranes were installed and fixed with 6 membrane nails.

The flap is mobilized. Profimed sutures were applied. Solcoseril Dental Application

Мобилизован лоскут. Наложены швы профимед. Аппликация Solcoseril Dental
Мобилизован лоскут. Наложены швы профимед. Аппликация Solcoseril Dental


The stitches were removed on the 7th day. The sensitivity is not compromised.

At the moment, the patient is under dynamic observation.

It is planned to open implants and prosthetics on implants on time, according to clinical protocols.