Inpatient care

When you need to go to the hospital you need not part with the level of comfort you are used to. At our hospital you can rely not only on high-quality medical aid and safe treatment but also upon actual comfort.

Our hospital is a multi-field facility; it treats many therapeutic and surgical diseases.

Our Doctors are top-level professionals, doctors and grand doctors of medicine. All the necessary diagnostic procedures will be carried out very quickly: within the first 24 hours of your stay, even on weekends and holidays. We use the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic methods to make an accurate diagnosis. May our Doctors completed training at best European clinics and have extensive practical experience. Most of them are doctors and grand doctors of medicine. At our hospital you may be confident: we follow the leading European protocols and standards in diagnostics and treatment. 

Safety of Surgeries

  • We use disposable surgical clothes, instruments, some or other medical devices whenever possible to avoid transmission of infection 
  • Anesthesia safety: use of the modern anesthesia equipment with control of the depth of the narcosis 
  • Video recording of surgeries and free access to video archives for patients
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High-technology equipment of the hospital


When you are to be hospitalized at JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) you should contact our office at (495) 401-76-19.

The clerk of the hospital will provide you the required information on the hospitalization procedure and discuss with you accommodation conditions. If any additional problems arise, you will be transferred to the Doctor on duty or to the chief Doctor of the hospital.

We arrange transportation from home by an ambulance, with a Doctor for seriously ill patients. If you need transportation, please contact the dispatcher of the emergency service at (495) 229-00-03.

In case of hospitalization you should have:
– your passport;
– your medical case report, findings of previous investigations and tests, if any. 

Our hospital uses the advance payment system. This means that you must pay a certain sum beforehand to allow the treatment to start. We accept cash and bank cards. Hospitalization is possible only after making the advance payment.

The advance payment is 160000 rubles in case of therapeutic diseases and 190000 rubles in case of surgical diseases; the advance payment is 225000 rubles if hospitalization to the ICU is required. 

If the money on your account should run out, the clerk of the hospital will contact you and name the amount which should be paid additionally. We shall submit you a detailed report on provided services with their cost at any time upon your request and you will obligatorily obtain all financial documents at discharge. All unspent money will be returned to you.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the portion of money spent for the treatment at the hospital may be reimbursed due to tax privileges. 

The following pathologies cannot not treated at the hospital of JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic)

  • infectious diseases (codes A and B as per ICD-10 and also other nosologic forms which include indication of infection or open purulent process); 
  • venereal diseases; 
  • burns of higher that 1st degree; 
  • myasthenic crises; 
  • alcohol and drug addiction; 
  • aggravated psychiatric diseases; 
  • combined injury with traumatic shock of degree III-IV or, in case of craniocerebral injury (hospitalization during the duty shift is not allowed; hospitalization during working hours is possible only on agreement with the chief Doctor of the hospital); 
  • neurosurgical aid is provided only on agreement with the chief Doctor of the hospital depending on the technical feasibility of neurosurgical interventions; 
  • bleedings with hemorrhagic shock of degree III-IV (hospitalization during the duty shift is not allowed; 
  • hospitalization during working hours is possible only on agreement with the chief Doctor of the hospital); 
  • transplantation of organs; 
  • pregnant women with pregnancy term of 18 weeks and more; 
  • age under 3 years irrespective of the pathology.

Hospitalization and treatment of children (age from 3 to 15) with the following nosologic forms are also not allowed:

  • acute bleeding of different etiology; 
  • combined injury; 
  • cancer diseases; 
  • open craniocerebral injury; 
  • laryngitis with croup; 
  • diseases requiring the treatment at the children’s ICU; 
  • mastoiditis, foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, paranasal sinus fractures.

Communication by Skype with the ICU physician

It is possible for relatives of the patients staying at the intensive care unit of the clinic hospital to contact the Doctor and the patient by Skype. If the Doctor of the ICU is not busy with the patients, the communication by Skype occurs during a call and if the Doctor is busy, he(she) calls up again.

Skype contacts with the ICU Doctor are possible around the clock.. 

Call ICU by Skype

Five-Star Comfort Level

Unique smart patient rooms are fitted out with the remote control systems functioning as per the principle of “smart house”. The patient rooms are made as per standards of a top-level five-star hotel with participation of professional designers look little like hospital wards. Double-room de luxe suites are provided for those who prefer not to interrupt their work during hospitalization: the patient receives treatment in one room and conducts meetings in the adjacent room furnished as a study.

The hospital of JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) has a VIP department with patient rooms meeting best hospital standards. It is located in a separate flanking building, has a separate entrance and a recreation area. This is important for the most demanding patients and also for people who often appear in public and on TV screens and wish not to make a display of their treatment at the Clinic.

Patient rooms have unique design. Each patient room has a look of its own and its name corresponds to a musical style: jazz, blues, country, romance, or disco and is designed in accordance with this music genre. Moreover, a selection of related articles of the respective music style is available in the patient room itself. The conception of “named wards” has been adopted at many hotels of the world and also at best clinics of the world. For example, patient rooms at Saint Elizabeth Clinic (Brussels, Belgium), recently visited by Doctors of Meditsina Clinic for exchange with experience, are named after painters.

Patient rooms at JSC Meditsina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) by type (room price includes accommodation, food, and patient care) 

  1. SUITE category (double-room de luxe suite) 
  2. DE LUXE STUDIO category (single room de luxe suite) 
  3. SUPERIOR category: single-bed rooms of category 1 
  4. STANDARD category: single-bed rooms of category 2 
  5.  STANDARD ECONOMY category: double-bed wards

Relatives may stay with the patient at the hospital round-the-clock.

We provide individual board options to patients during their stay at the hospital. The Doctor will prescribe the patient a diet after the examination. On the first day the patient will also meet with the nurse dietician who asks the patient about his(her) wishes regarding meals and any allergies patients might have. In the morning an attendant brings a menu card in which the patient chooses dishes to place an order for the next day. Plating is done inside the patient’s room according to the principle of room service: the food is served on heated plates with special cloche-coverings which do not allow the food to cool.

The patients may eat in their rooms or go downstairs to the restaurant where a table will be served according to their individual order; this helps patients to adapt to their usual life after the disease. 


Врач Aleksandr Shelepov
Experience 15 year
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Врач Ekaterina Morozova
Experience 21 year
Pediatrician, PhD (Medicine), member of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia
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Врач Karen Mkrtchyan
Urologist Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Association of Urology and the Russian Society of Urological Oncology
Experience 16 year
Urologist Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Association of Urology and the Russian Society of Urological Oncology
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Врач Mariya Grinberg
Dental therapist
Experience 30 year
Dental therapist, member of the International Dentistry Association (IDA)
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Врач Olga Berezhko
General practitioner
Experience 38 year
Board Certified General Practitioner (Highest Category), member of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine
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Врач Sergey Bykov
Experience 20 year
Allergologist (immunologist), PhD (Medicine), member of the Russian Association of Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists
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Врач Sergey Tarabarin
Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, European society of surgery
Experience 43 year
Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, European society of surgery Doctor of the highest category, professor, member of the Moscow Surgical Society.
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Врач Yury Chernov
MR imaging (MRI), SPECT
Experience 45 year
Board certified physician (Highest Category in Radiology), member of the European Society of Radiology
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