Coronavirus antibody test

A blood test for antibodies to coronavirus infection allows you to identify immunity to the disease and determine if you have had COVID-19 before

Testing for antibodies to the causative agent of the disease COVID-19

Testing features

The rapid test is based on a flow-through immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative determination of IgG and IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in whole blood samples.

The test consists of two components - IgG and IgM. During testing, the sample reacts with particles coated with COVID-19 antigen in the test cassette. The test contains non-human IgM and non-human IgG as capture reagents and COVID-19 antigen as detection reagent.

Internal QC is included in the test - a colored line appears in the control area.

The specificity of the method is 98%

Antibodies are special protein molecules called immunoglobulins. They are produced by blood B-lymphocytes in response to the introduction of foreign agents into the body, including various microorganisms, including viruses.

Antibodies to various pathogens of infectious diseases are strictly specific, their concentration in the blood provides reliable information about the body's response and the course of the disease and recovery.


This is the first immunoglobulin that the body begins to produce in response to infection and is detected in the acute phase


Appears in the blood after a few days and provides the main immune response, and also determines the presence and level of protective immunity after an illness

Rules for passing and receiving test results

  • For research, blood is taken from a finger;
  • Adults and children without symptoms of respiratory viral infections are allowed for screening;
  • Before taking a sample, we ask the patient to answer the doctors' questions about possible movements in the territory of countries with an unfavorable epidemiological situation and contacts with persons who have arrived in Russia from the territory of other states;
  • All patients undergo a body temperature measurement;
  • Delivery of biomaterials for screening is possible only with a passport.

How to prepare for testing

  • No special preparation is required - you can eat and drink before testing.
  • Make a preliminary appointment by phone.

To improve the service and speed up the registration of the service, we ask you to print and fill out the agreement, consent to the processing of personal data and a questionnaire in advance.

We also ask you to be sure to provide an email address to send the results of the study. You will not need to come back to the clinic for the results.

Safety measures

JSC "Medicine" is a leader in the quality and safety of medical care in Russia (Roszdravnadzor certificate)

  • Obtaining the necessary biomaterials is carried out in a separate room without outside access
  • The medical staff of the clinic undergoes daily examinations and all doctors use sets of personal protective equipment
  • The room is thoroughly disinfected after the visit of each patient - furniture, equipment, etc.

Popular questions

How to take the test

In order to pass the test, absence of quarantine for illness and symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections is needed, as well as preliminary registration for research, which can be carried out by phone +7 (495) 126-13-12

If I have had COVID-19, will the test show it?

No, the test will show the presence of the disease now. To clarify whether you were sick before, an antibody test is more suitable

Where is the diagnostic point?

The diagnostic point is located in a separate room of the clinic, which is isolated from the main flow of patients. A separate entrance is provided for the diagnostic point from the 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street

I have ARVI symptoms, can I take the test?

Diagnostics is carried out only in the absence of ARVI symptoms. If you have symptoms, please stay at home and call the City Coronavirus Hotline

Can I contact you for coronavirus treatment?

No, we do not provide treatment - only diagnostics and recovery from an infection. To treat a confirmed infection, you must contact the hotline of the Ministry of Health: 8 800 2000 112

Is it possible to order a home visit?

Yes, our specialists go to take tests.
Call +7 (495) 126-13-12 or leave a request,
we will call you back