Orthokine therapy

Orthokine therapy is a non-surgical treatment for joint pain that involves injections of serum made from the patient's blood. The method is individual, since the essence lies in the use of the body's defenses and useful «signaling» proteins. The patient's blood is processed in a special system, after which a serum with a high content of anti-inflammatory substances is obtained.

Indications and contraindications for treatment

Orthokine therapy is used for the local treatment of the following diseases:

  1. back pain;
  2. osteoarthritis, arthritic diseases of the joints;
  3. Injury to tendons or muscles.

There are no side effects as the patient's biological material is used.

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In addition to the fact that the effectiveness of therapy is felt within 2 years after undergoing a course of treatment, among the many advantages of this technique are:

  • long-term anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects;
  • improvement of mobility, relaxation of tense muscles;
  • long-term analgesic effect;
  • the ability to avoid surgery.

Orthokine therapy is carried out according to the following principle:

  • taking blood from a vein;
  • stimulation of the production of useful signaling proteins by heating;
  • separation of ORTHOKINE serum from the blood using a laboratory centrifuge;
  • injection - serum is injected into the affected area.

Therapy should be performed in an amount of 1-2 injections per week for 14-42 days, depending on the doctor's recommendations after the examination.

Orthopedic traumatologists who have undergone appropriate training and received certificates that allow them to work according to this technique are prescribed and treated.

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