PCR testing for COVID-19

COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Sometimes the patient may not feel the symptoms and not know that he is sick. In order to minimize the spread of the disease, JSC "Medicina" Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) carries out urgent diagnostics by the method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR testing) on a paid basis. This laboratory study to determine the presence of viral RNA in the body.

Testing is mandatory if the patient has symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia, as well as those who are in the hospital or have close contacts with people who have a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus.


For analysis, the doctor takes a swab from the oropharynx or nose. It is not recommended to independently carry out the collection of biological material, as test COVID-19 RT-PCR is intended for use by qualified laboratory personnel.

Samples are taken at the COVID Diagnostics and Recovery Department of our clinic. It is also possible to order a visit of a specialist to your home or office.

Preparing for testing

Before taking a swab to detect SARS COV 2, it is recommended that you follow these guidelines:

  • for the scraping of the oropharynx - 2-4 hours to refrain from eating, rinse your mouth from eating the remnants of ordinary drinking water and do not brush your teeth;
  • for a nasal smear - blow your nose mucus in 5-10 minutes (you do not need to rinse).

Regulations are advisory in nature. If it was not possible to follow them, the analysis will in any case be carried out due to the high prevalence of the virus.


The procedure for determining the virus SARS COV-2 is conducted in compliance with all safety measures:

  • Testing is carried out in a separate room with a personal entrance.
  • Medical clinic personnel receive daily inspections of all physicians using personal protective equipment.
  • The room is thoroughly disinfected after each patient visit - furniture, equipment, etc.

Actions taken to eliminate the risk of spread of infection.


Rules for passing and receiving test results

In addition to security measures, there is also the requirement to patients:

  • The survey allowed adults and children with no symptoms of respiratory viral infections.
  • Before taking a sample, the patient will need to answer the doctors' questions about his movements and close contacts with people.
  • The collection point is measured by assays of body temperature - in detecting signs of human SARS contact information is transmitted to the CPS.
  • Conducting a survey is only possible upon presentation of a passport.
  • It is necessary to fill the contract, the agreement on the processing of personal data and profile. This can be done in advance by printing from the site.
  • In case of a positive or doubtful result of trial and patient information will be transferred to Roskomnadzor laboratory. The department's specialists will retest and confirm the screening results.

With the passage of urgent PCR test for coronavirus results are ready in 15-20 minutes. The data is sent by email, so there is no need to come to the hospital for it.

To complete a PCR test for the presence of virus SARS COV 2 JSC Medicina Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) call the hotline in Moscow: +7 (495) 126-13-12.

Popular questions

How to take the test

To pass the test, you need to have no quarantine for diseases and symptoms of ARVI, as well as a preliminary registration for the study, which can be done by calling the hotline +7 (495) 126-13-12.

If I had COVID-19, will the test show it?

No, PCR diagnostics allows you to find out about the presence of the disease at the time of sampling.

Where in the clinic can be tested for SARS COV 2?

The diagnostic point is located in a room isolated from the main flow of patients, where there is a separate entrance from 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street.

May I contact you for coronavirus treatment?

No, the laboratory only performs infection diagnostics. For the treatment of confirmed COVID-19 should consult a doctor.

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