Rehabilitation after COVID-19

Rehabilitation after a previous COVID-19 infection Exclusively. Individually.

At JSC "Medicine" We always approach each case of illness and rehabilitation individually.

That is why we decided to abandon check-ups, especially for those who have had coronavirus infection.

The cost of rehabilitation is calculated ONLY INDIVIDUALLY at the first appointment with a general practitioner

Work algorithm

  1. Initial appointment with a general practitioner / GP
  2. At the reception, the doctor will conduct an initial appointment and give directions for basic tests and diagnostics based on the collected anamnesis: AOK, OAM, C-reactive protein, biochemical blood test, CT, ultrasound, ECG, etc.

    (!) You can pass all tests in the clinic, readiness from 2 hours

  3. Testing and repeated appointment with a therapist
  4. The therapist conducts a second appointment, if necessary, gives directions to specialized specialists and to the department of restorative medicine (physiotherapist, exercise therapy doctor, massage, etc.)

    (!) All specialized specialists conduct a reception in the same building, with the possibility of recording "day-to-day"

  5. Specialists and specialists of the Department of Restorative Medicine
  6. Further observation is carried out by specialized specialists and specialists of the Department of Restorative Medicine

Cost of services and timing of diagnostics

Primary therapist appointmentRUB 5 200
Reception of the therapistRUB 4 900
Reception of a narrow-profile specialist (pulmanologist, cardiologist, gynecologist, etc.)from RUB 5 200
Oxygen barotherapyfrom RUB 5 400
Physiotherapy (more than 20 types)from RUB 5 400
External counterpulsationfrom RUB 5 900
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