Test for COVID-19 at office

Testing for COVID-19 with a visit to the office and production. PCR diagnostics and antibodies.
Analyzes are performed in the own laboratory of JSC "Medicine"

Strict observance of all safety measures!

The study can be performed on patients who are asymptomatic

  • Temperature will be measured before sampling
  • You will be asked a series of questions
  • It is obligatory to present your passport and contact details

The test is carried out in compliance with all necessary safety measures

  • The medical personnel carrying out the sampling of the material, before each shift, undergo a health check and use all the necessary protective equipment

All analyzes are performed in the laboratory of JSC "Medicine"

  • All analyzes are performed in the laboratory of Medicina JSC, certified by Rospotrebnadzor

Research result

  • The result will be sent by email
  • It will be available in the patient's personal account of the clinic my.medicina.ru

PCR diagnostics and antibodies

To make an appointment for an office or production visit: +7 (495) 126-13-12

PCR diagnostics Rapid testing for IgM / IgG antibodies
In accordance with the decree of the Mayor of Moscow and the Governor of the Moscow Region, 10% of employees must carry out weekly PCR testing for COVID-19 at enterprises Carrying out is optional with t. state regulation, but allows you to understand what percentage of raboniks have a formed immunity to coronavirus infection
What does the PCR test show? What does an antibody test show?
The presence of an infection in an active form - and, therefore, the likelihood of infection of other employees in the team The presence of a formed immunity to coronavirus infection
Preparing for testing for PCR analysis Preparing for Testing for Antibody Analysis
Refrain from eating, drinking, brushing teeth, rinsing for 3 hours before taking the test Not required (you can eat and drink)

Services and prices

PCR for COVID-19

Analysis deadline from 8 hours
From 8 hours (with a positive result, a check by Rospotrebnadzor is carried out)
Material for analysis RUB 740
PCR analysis (smear) from the nasopharynx and oropharynx
Cost of 1 PCR analysis RUB 5900
Without taking into account the collection of material and departure

Antibody test

Analysis deadline from 15minutes
A blood test for antibodies to coronavirus infection allows you to identify immunity to the disease and determine if you have had COVID-19 before
Material for analysis RUB 1600
Finger blood
Cost of 1 analysis for antibodies RUB 5900
Without taking into account the collection of material and departure

The cost of departure is in addition to the cost of the study

  • Within the Moscow Ring Road: RUB 2600
  • up to 5 km from MKAD: RUB 4680
  • up to 15 km from MKAD: RUB 5980
  • up to 35 km from MKAD: RUB 8840
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