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What are adenoids, how to treat, symptoms, diagnosis

Adenoid growths, or adenoids, are overgrowths of tissue that make up the base of the tonsil. Pathology develops due to inflammation of the nasopharyngeal sinuses, is more common in children. The disease occurs due to a violation of the immune system. We will tell you why the disease appears, how its symptoms manifest, how to treat adenoids.

According to statistics, adenoid vegetation occurs in every second child. Most often, the disease manifests itself at the age of 3-7 years, but the inflammatory process can occur later. In an adult, the disease can also manifest itself. This indicates serious problems with the immune system, and often doctors resort to surgery.

Function of adenoids in the body

Adenoids are called hyperplasia of lymphoid tissue. This is a pathology in which breathing, hearing is disturbed, and other disorders occur. It is worth remembering that a person is born already with adenoids and feels comfortable all his life. By the age of 12, they begin to decrease, and by 20 they almost completely atrophy.

But in childhood, adenoids perform a very important function - they protect the body from the ingress of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms. They help build immunity in the nasopharynx. Simply put, the child inhales a bacterium that is not yet known to his body. But it gets to the adenoid, which "acquaints" the body with this bacterium and kills it.

These tissues grow because they constantly interact with harmful organisms and succumb to inflammation. If immunity is good, over time, the function of the adenoid ceases to be useful and the organ atrophies. If there are problems, inflammation occurs.

Adenoid symptoms: how does the disease manifest

Most often, doctors diagnose this manifestation in childhood. Inflammation can be asymptomatic, but there are often a number of signs by which you can determine the presence of such a disease. Here are the main symptoms of adenoids:

  • breathing becomes difficult, the nose is constantly clogged. One nostril may suffer or the breath is completely blocked;
  • with pathology of the adenoids, a runny nose occurs. It seems to have a cold, however, if it does not go away even after effective treatment, it may indicate a problem in the nasal area;
  • there is a cough;
  • hearing impairment may occur;
  • body temperature rises, and not to critical levels. It stably keeps within 37.5 ° C, there are no clinical manifestations of infection, but such a temperature indicates the presence of inflammation;
  • deformation of the face occurs. In the absence of treatment for adenoids, the disease develops, the nose is constantly clogged - the child is forced to breathe through the mouth, it is constantly open, which can lead to a change in the facial skeleton.

The last symptom is considered the most dangerous. It is quite possible to get rid of a cold, but to change the structure of the skeleton is no longer there.

Why are inflamed adenoids dangerous?

The danger of adenoids also lies in the fact that other organs suffer, pathologies develop. Some of them cannot be eliminated. This is why inflamed adenoids are dangerous:

  • hearing deteriorates significantly. The enlarged nasopharyngeal tonsil compresses the auditory tube, so it is difficult for air to enter the middle ear. The eardrum becomes less mobile, which negatively affects the auditory sensation;
  • lowered immunity and regular colds. Inflammation of the adenoids contributes to the accumulation of infection and bacteria in the nasal area. The mucus should eliminate them, but the obstruction to the air flow complicates the position and creates a comfortable environment for the habitat of pathological organisms;
  • with inflammation of the adenoids, their capabilities are significantly reduced, and they themselves are a target for bacteria. One of the symptoms of enlarged nasopharyngeal tonsils is an increase in temperature to 39 degrees;
  • school performance declines. The brain does not have enough oxygen to function normally;
  • speech impairment occurs. Because of the clogged nose, the child has to breathe through the mouth, which entails deformation of the skull. This has a detrimental effect on the formation of speech, the child stops pronouncing some letters, speaks nasally. Unfortunately, parents often ignore this manifestation and just get used to it. You should immediately consult a doctor, diagnose the body and find out what is the reason;
  • otitis media occur. Due to the overlap of the auditory tube, an environment for microbes is formed, therefore, a number of abnormalities develop in this organ, including otitis media;
  • the likelihood of getting a respiratory tract disorder increases significantly. Due to constant chronic inflammation, other ENT organs also suffer. Therefore, the child is accompanied by laryngitis, pharyngitis and other ailments of a similar nature.

If the first factors indicating the presence of inflammation of the adenoids are found, you should immediately contact a specialist and undergo an examination. Otherwise, it is fraught with a number of serious health problems.

Causes of enlargement of adenoids

The function of the adenoids in the body is very important, so why is it impaired? The problem affects almost every second child. The onset of this ailment is facilitated by:

  • manifestation of allergic reactions to medicines, food and other components;
  • hereditary factor;
  • the cause is also a frequent cold;
  • weakened immunity;
  • the presence of chronic pathologies.

You can try to protect the child from these negative factors and reduce the risk of adenoids. It should be noted that the main reason is precisely the allergic reaction. When exposed to house dust, mold spores, animal dander and other allergens, lymphoid tissue can grow. More than 20% of cases of this disease are attributed to this cause.

How is adenoids diagnosed?

If symptoms are found, there is no need to delay going to the doctor. The problem of adenoids is common, and the sooner it is solved, the less the consequences will be. The following diagnostic methods are used:

  • posterior rhinoscopy. This is a fairly simple examination process, with the help of which the doctor visually evaluates the condition of the tonsils. With the help of a special mirror, the nasopharynx is examined. The procedure is painless, practically has no contraindications;
  • finger examination of the area. The degree of enlargement of the tonsils and the presence of inflammation of the adenoids is determined by touch. The doctor is in sterile gloves, stands on the side of the patient, compresses the jaw to avoid them closing and quickly examines the area;
  • radiography. A conventional lateral x-ray can show the condition of the adenoids. If this is not enough, the doctor may order a CT scan. Often this procedure is done in difficult situations;
  • endoscopy. With the help of an endoscope, the doctor receives detailed information about the condition of the nasopharynx. A flexible tube is inserted through the nose or mouth, depending on the type of examination. An image from a camera attached to the tube is transmitted to the monitor. This method has contraindications and is not suitable for everyone, but it helps to study the area in detail. To prevent vomiting, the mucous membrane is treated with a special preparation;
  • audiometry. Diagnosis of adenoids includes a hearing test. The method is quite simple, it allows you to conduct examinations of the hearing organs. The doctor puts headphones on the patient and sounds a signal to them. The sound track has a certain intensity and is fed into different speakers. The child must show that he hears a sound;
  • conducting laboratory tests. Inflammation of the adenoids entails a number of other problems and complications. To check the whole body, the patient is invited to pass a series of tests. The procedure is optional as it does not help confirm the diagnosis. But if a problem is detected, collecting analyzes will help to understand the reasons for the development of pathological processes.

Diagnosis of inflammation of the adenoids helps to accurately determine the nature of the inflammatory process, to understand why the adenoids grow rapidly and lead to health difficulties. After the diagnosis is made, the doctor prescribes treatment and helps to get rid of the problem using various methods.

Which doctor should I contact in case of illness

Unfortunately, many parents simply ignore their child's health problems just because they don't know which doctor is treating adenoids. Symptoms may practically not appear, with the exception of a runny nose. It can be eliminated with nasal drops by clearing the sinuses. But this is categorically wrong, the consequences are often unfavorable. Therefore, do not ignore the signs of the disease. We will tell you which doctor to see.

Adenoids are paid attention to by an otolaryngologist, or simply an ENT. This is a specialist who determines the ailment and can cure adenoids. He, if necessary, deletes.

The clinic of JSC "Medicine" employs professional specialists with extensive experience and skills. Modern equipment allows all procedures to be carried out accurately and quickly. Therefore, the child is subject to minimal stress. The doctor consults, he fully accompanies the little patient until complete recovery. Caring for and effective restoration of health is our main task. You can choose a doctor at your discretion and desire.

Treatment of adenoids: effective methods

There are several ways to get rid of this problem. The most popular treatments are conservative and removal. Both of them are effective in their own way, have drawbacks, features. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Elimination of inflammation of the adenoids in a conservative way

The conservative method involves the use of special drops, inhalations, physiotherapy. This path is chosen if the inflammation of the adenoids is in the first stage. In any other case, this method is ineffective, and the inflamed adenoids will have to be removed.

The most effective way is the pharmacological effect. A group of antibiotics, antihistamines, multivitamin complexes is prescribed. Also, on the recommendation of doctors, you can use immunostimulants. Most drugs are allowed to be used by children, except in cases of allergic reactions or individual contraindications to the treatment of adenoids using pharmacology.

Physiotherapy is a conservative method. In our clinic, a specialist will offer to undergo a number of procedures, including ultraviolet radiation, ozone therapy, laser therapy. Each of these methods has a beneficial effect on the condition of the adenoid and helps to get rid of the problem without surgery.

The effect is provided by special breathing exercises. A number of physical exercises help to get rid of the bad habit of breathing through the mouth. Correct physical activity and breathing techniques improve the functioning of the nose. This is useful in restoring the body if the problem tissue had to be removed surgically. Here are some simple exercises:

  1. while standing, you need to take 5 sharp breaths through the nose, and then exhale the air smoothly through the oral cavity (not quickly, exhale for about 5 seconds). Repeat the exercise 3-5 times;
  2. smoothly turn your head to the left, right, and also make bends to the sides. The exercise is performed while standing, while at each turn and tilt of the head with the nose, you need to breathe in air sharply. Turning to the other side, exhale smoothly through the mouth, repeat again when changing the position of the head.

Such techniques only complement the main purpose of a specialist. At Medicina JSC (Academician Rotberg's clinic), a physiotherapist will give detailed recommendations and monitor the recovery process. Enlarged adenoids in the nose block normal breathing, a physical therapist can help correct this.

Surgical treatment of the disease

At stages 2 and 3, inflammation of the adenoids is surgically eliminated. Symptoms become obvious, breathing becomes significantly difficult, the child begins to breathe through his mouth frequently. With further development, this entails dangerous consequences, so a specialist prescribes surgical intervention to avoid serious danger.

In young children, it is a little easier to remove sore tonsils. Local anesthesia is given. Anesthetic is sprayed onto the affected area, the pain absent and the operation is fast enough.

Teenagers are given general anesthesia, which greatly simplifies the operation. This method can be applied to young children, but the doctor must carefully examine the state of their health, since general anesthesia can cause a number of consequences.

By the way, the operation can be performed without the use of anesthesia. The tissue structure does not contain nerve fibers, so the patient will not feel anything. However, this method is not recommended.

Clinics offer various ways to eliminate this problem, but we select the best option. Based on the study of the patient, a detailed collection of tests and examination, we form recommendations for the operation. Thanks to this and modern equipment, the result is effective.

Is it possible to remove adenoids in children

Recently, this issue has been troubling many patients. Previously, operations were performed on an outpatient basis, today they use general anesthesia. In addition, parents are interested in how many years it is worth carrying out such operations, whether it is possible to remove adenoids with a cold, they ask a lot of questions.

If there is a suspicion of an illness, the first thing to do is to go to the clinic. The first stage does not threaten consequences and is treated with medication. At the second stage, the doctor already recommends an operation. But it depends on the degree of growth of the adenoid. The third stage requires a mandatory surgical intervention.

It is worth remembering that this is a full-fledged operation using anesthesia. There are risks of complications, negative consequences from the use of medications. But if the doctor talks about the need for such a procedure, you should not refuse. You just need to know where to treat such an ailment.

The clinic of JSC "Medicine" offers services for the complex treatment of adenoids. Specialists will diagnose, tell you how to check for adenoids on your own, prescribe conservative or surgical intervention. Treatment in the clinic is under full control, from the moment of treatment until complete recovery. The cost of removing adenoids depends on the degree of development of the disease and the chosen methods of eliminating it. Call us and find out all the details.

Is it possible to cure adenoids with folk remedie

Remember: it is worth abandoning the use of alternative medicine, which should not be confused with herbal medicine. Any ceremonies will not help, but natural herbs, herbal products can speed up the healing process.

But even folk remedies are only an addition to the main medical methods. Here are some tips to help speed up your recovery:

  • aqueous extract of propolis. You can immediately take the finished drug at the pharmacy or prepare it yourself. To do this, 50 g of crushed propolis must be kept in a water bath for 30 minutes, combined with 500 ml of water. The tool should be taken in half a teaspoon, no more than three times a day;
  • aloe juice needs to be buried in the nasal sinuses, a few drops a day are enough;
  • sea ​​buckthorn oil helps to eliminate infections and bacteria, it is enough to drip 1-2 drops into each nostril, the procedure is recommended to be done 2-3 times a day;
  • steam inhalation will also help. You can add aloe, eucalyptus, oak bark, St. John's wort, mint to the water. All of these herbs have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

Do not forget that traditional medicine is effective only in combination with the main purpose of a specialist. Also, before using such methods, it is imperative to obtain a doctor's permission.

Indications for inflamed adenoids

Adenoids are easily treated if you consult a specialist in time. It is worth considering the indications for inflamed adenoids. The presence of the following factors indicates that adenoids are growing and the help of a specialist is needed:

  • breathing occurs through the oral cavity;
  • severe snoring occurs;
  • decreased hearing, there are problems with the ears, otitis media occurs;
  • headache;
  • nasalness appears;
  • the breathing cycle is disrupted;
  • there is purulent discharge;
  • weakness arises.

All this points to the diagnosis - adenoids, urgent intervention is required. You should not delay, because the health of the child is at stake.

At what age can the disease be treated

Many parents are interested in the age at which adenoids can be removed. The peculiarity of the structure of the immune organ is that the amygdala is actively growing up to 6 years. If this problem occurs at a very early age (1-3 years), the likelihood of relapse is very high.

Therefore, with inflammation of the adenoids, the optimal period for surgical intervention is 3-4 years. It is not worth delaying, as bad breathing affects health and development. If the functions of enlarged adenoids are normal, do not harm the health of the child, then you can wait a little with the operation. However, the doctor will give precise recommendations.

The operation will take place without problems and complications. Now you know at what age adenoids are removed. It remains only to turn to specialists for help. Call us and find out the cost of effective treatment and all its details.

Contraindications for the treatment of adenoids

There are many indications for therapy with damaged adenoids, if any, the help of a specialist is required. But it is not always possible to carry out operations. A number of factors are determined for which procedures should be postponed. Contraindications to the elimination of adenoids are as follows:

  • the presence of a severe rhinitis;
  • oncological tumors;
  • recent vaccinations;
  • allergic reactions to drugs appear;
  • blood diseases;
  • adenoids are not recommended to be removed if the child is less than two years old.

If negative reactions occur during therapy, runny nose attacks or allergies intensify, the approach should be changed.

What is forbidden with adenoids

We have sorted out what refers to the indications in which the intervention of specialists is required. It is also worth helping the body. There are certain prohibitions to follow:

  • it is worth limiting physical activity;
  • you need to eliminate the mouth breathing syndrome;
  • you should reduce the consumption of sugary foods, it is better to exclude them;
  • salty food should also be removed from the diet;
  • strawberries, tomatoes, seafood provoke allergic reactions;
  • if the operation was performed, solid and hot food is excluded for 4 days.

The nose is uncomfortable with strong odors after therapy, so they should also be limited. Provide a calm atmosphere, let the body recover. After all, he fought with inflammation, now he needs peace.

Cost of removal of adenoids in JSC "Medicine"

Treatment of adenoids in our center is carried out by experienced specialists. The cost of treatment depends on the chosen method of exposure, the complex of procedures, the duration of physiotherapy and other factors. We offer to find out the price on our website, you can also call, consultants will answer your questions in detail.

Why treatment in the clinic of JSC "Medicine" is effective

You have learned how adenoids can be cured. It remains to turn to experienced specialists who will help solve the problem. JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of academician Roitberg) offers its services, because we guarantee an effective result, and here's why:

  1. highly qualified specialists, doctors of sciences work. If necessary, we contact foreign colleagues;
  2. modern high-precision equipment is used;
  3. Accessibility of the center, we are located in Moscow, near the Mayakovskaya metro station;
  4. we regularly have new techniques for eliminating diseases, we follow trends and changes in the field of medicine;
  5. doctors are received on holidays and weekends, our doors are always open for you.

Call us, find out the prices for treatment and other details. Experts will answer all your questions, we will be happy to help!

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