Autoimmune thyroiditis of the thyroid gland (AIT)

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Autoimmune thyroiditis of the thyroid gland (AIT) is a chronic disease in which cells are gradually destroyed. The functionality of the thyroid gland is impaired, since it is affected by autoantibodies. Therefore, the disease is defined as autoimmune. The reasons for the development of AIT are not fully understood, but experts have found a way to significantly slow down the development of pathology. Let's take a closer look at what kind of disease it is, why it develops, what symptoms it has and how to treat it.

Autoimmune thyroiditis of the thyroid gland: what is it, symptoms, how to treat

AIT is often referred to as Hashimoto 's disease. This is the name of the scientist who for the first time was able to describe the pathology and identify the factors that provoke its development. This is a disease in which the human immune system begins to destroy the structure of the thyroid gland, destroying cells.

This often leads to hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland stops producing the required amount of hormones. Because of this, the cardiovascular system and metabolic processes can suffer.

Tissue inflammation becomes chronic as a result of autoimmune changes. It will not be possible to completely cure AIT, but doctors help eliminate the symptoms, remove the consequences of a lack of hormones and protect the body from damage.

Classification of autoimmune disease

Autoimmune thyroiditis has several forms of the course, here are the main ones:

  • Chronic AIT. It appears due to the increased growth of T-lymphocytes. Against the background of this autoimmune pathology, hypothyroidism develops. The most common form of the disease.
  • Postpartum thyroiditis. It also occurs very often, appears due to a change in the structure of a woman's body during pregnancy and surges in hormones. It is enough to simply recover, the function of the gland is stabilized.
  • Painless form. The most unpredictable type, it is difficult to understand the course of the course, it is difficult to notice hormonal disorders at the first stage. To identify it, it is recommended to undergo a periodic comprehensive examination.
  • Cytokine-induced thyroiditis. It occurs due to the intake of pharmacological drugs with liver damage, blood disorders. The treatment process is long and complex.

Modern diagnostic methods allow you to accurately determine the form of the disease, the level of hormones and the state of the thyroid gland. After that, the doctor prescribes treatment depending on the form. In most cases, AIT can be treated very successfully. It is impossible to get rid of it completely, but it is easy to prevent further development. The main thing is to contact specialists in a timely manner for help.

Symptoms of autoimmune thyroiditis

The peculiarity of the disease is that the symptoms change depending on the amount of a certain type of hormone. The disease can generally go away without any symptoms, not cause pain and discomfort. Sometimes it is discovered by chance, during an examination or a routine test. But certain symptoms are often present. The symptoms of autoimmune thyroiditis are as follows:

  • the body becomes lethargic, supplemented by apathy and depression;
  • weight can be dramatically gained or, conversely, unreasonably reduced;
  • hair fall out;
  • the skin becomes dry;
  • sore throat regularly occurs;
  • voice changes, becomes hoarse, coarse;
  • memory deteriorates;
  • the thyroid gland increases in size;
  • there are problems in the work of the heart;
  • the heartbeat becomes rapid, tachycardia develops;
  • tremor of the limbs appears;
  • irritability occurs, severe fatigue, from which it is impossible to get rid of even after prolonged sleep;
  • mood changes regularly.

If you suffer from similar symptoms, you should contact a medical center and get diagnosed. All of this may indicate the presence of an autoimmune disease. The sooner you take steps to restore the hormonal system, the better the result will be.

Causes of autoimmune thyroiditis

Finally, experts cannot determine the causes of autoimmune thyroiditis. The human hormonal system is not fully understood, therefore, autoimmune diseases are difficult to treat. But doctors identify provoking factors that contribute to the development of thyroiditis:

  • inflammatory processes in the thyroid tissue;
  • the presence of chronic infections throughout the body;
  • uncontrolled intake of various medications;
  • the use of large amounts of iodine in any form;
  • regular stress;
  • irradiation;
  • ARVI, flu condition;
  • pregnancy and childbirth, in which the likelihood of developing thyroiditis of the thyroid gland increases by 20%;
  • genetic factor.

It is genetic changes and predisposition that are considered the main cause of the development of this disease. The opinions of doctors on this issue differ. The problem is that it is impossible to determine any of the reasons that clearly provoke disorders in the thyroid tissue. Therefore, predisposition is identified as the main factor. If there are relatives in the family suffering from thyroid diseases, it is worth paying special attention to this issue.

Diagnosis of the disease

To eliminate the consequences of the disease and prevent its further development, an effective course of health promotion should be chosen in case of an autoimmune disease. It is important to conduct a detailed thyroid test. This will allow you to accurately determine which hormones should be given attention and how to monitor the patient's condition.

As a rule, the diagnosis is made on the basis of clinical manifestations, the detection of thyroid tissue pathologies and a number of tests. Analyzes allow you to determine the form of an autoimmune disease, the degree of development of pathology. After receiving the results, the specialist prescribes treatment, choosing the most optimal methods of exposure.

What tests are needed to determine AIT: the study of an autoimmune disease

A blood test is performed first. It is this diagnostic method that allows you to determine hormones, their amount and any changes. In addition to blood tests, there are other ways to determine AIT:

  • immunogram;
  • blood test for the level of thyroxine, TSH;
  • ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland;
  • fine needle biopsy of the thyroid tissue.

When all the tests are ready, the doctor can prescribe treatment. In addition, a family history should be reviewed by the specialist. If relatives have problems with the thyroid gland, the doctor must definitely know about it.

Physicians promoting the treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis

If you have symptoms or suspicion of autoimmune thyroiditis, you should immediately consult a specialist. The sooner it turns out to stop the development of pathology, the higher the likelihood of maintaining health. After all, hormones affect the activity of the whole organism. But not everyone knows which doctor treats AIT.

The thyroid gland is an autoimmune organ. An endocrinologist specializes in hormones. It is he who will conduct a number of studies, help determine which hormones have no place in the body, and which, on the contrary, need additional stimulation. The services of an immunologist, an ultrasound specialist and other doctors may be required. Make an appointment with a doctor in our clinic at a convenient time for you.

Treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis

The treatment for autoimmune thyroiditis is quite long. The most unpleasant thing is that doctors will not cure the disease 100%, there is no special therapy for the disease. Those who promise to permanently eliminate such a disease, to put it mildly, are lying. However, successful therapy makes it possible to stabilize the patient's condition and control thyroiditis of the thyroid gland. Treatment takes place in this way:

  • If the disease is in a state of hyperfunction, a method is used to eliminate the signs of the disease. Doctors prevent heart disease by using beta blockers.
  • With the development of hypothyroidism, synthetic substitutes for hormonal components are used. "Artificial" hormones can control the production of these in the thyroid gland. Gradually, the amount is reduced until hypothyroidism is overcome. The vaccine is given regularly, the hormonal course cannot be interrupted without the instruction of a specialist.
  • Another way to control the autoimmune system is to use immunomodulatory correction. Special vaccinations are used to strengthen the immune system. It is imperative that patients diagnosed with AIT need to be regularly vaccinated against influenza and other diseases that pose a threat to immunity.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory components are used. They can be in pill form, or the doctor gives the vaccine.
  • If subacute thyroiditis develops, this form of AIT is treated with glucocorticoids.
  • Overgrowth of thyroid tissue sometimes occurs. This can lead to the development of cancer. In this case, doctors recommend an operation to remove the gland. This happens infrequently, but you still have to do operations.

If signs of a malfunction of the thyroid gland are found, you should immediately contact a specialist. Tests are taken, diagnostics are carried out, the doctor looks at the state of the blood and chooses a way to eliminate the disease. During treatment, changes in the body are possible, since the process is associated with hormones. But an integrated approach to your health helps to strengthen the body and live a long life.

Are there alternative methods of treatment: how homeopaths eliminate the disease

It is impossible to cope with the disease with the help of traditional medicine. However, homeopaths offer complete recovery, warning that the result may be unsatisfactory.

Indeed, there are traditional medicines that have a positive effect on the thyroid gland. But they are not a substitute for complete treatment. You still need to get flu shots, use hormonal drugs. There are a lot of contraindications in traditional medicine, the use of such products is allowed only under the supervision of a doctor. No need to joke with the autoimmune system. It is recommended to get rid of the flu and other ailments that provoke AIT.


The indications for carrying out comprehensive measures to restore the autoimmune system are as follows:

  • the gland increases in size;
  • negative hormonal tests;
  • poor blood counts;
  • the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is confirmed;
  • the patient was vaccinated, but the symptoms persist.

The first signs that indicate problems are mood swings, changes in weight, increased irritability. If you do not recognize yourself, there may be a health problem. Our clinic is always open for you.


Contraindications for eliminating autoimmune pathology are as follows:

  • doctors have received a vaccination that is not compatible with the recovery course, you need to wait a while;
  • the proliferation of the thyroid tissue occurs very quickly, an operation is required;
  • during the analysis, it became clear that the body does not accept hormonal therapy or other methods of exposure.

There are also a number of restrictions on the use of food and other components. Iron for normal functioning does not need more than 150 mcg of iodine, it is worth limiting products containing this component. It is also not allowed to do contour plastics. The doctor will tell you in more detail about all the restrictions.

Preparation for treatment: what are the prices, conditions

An autoimmune disease must be eliminated, not allowed to develop. Many patients want to know in advance how the preparation for treatment is going, what are the prices for services.

You will need to donate blood, undergo a detailed analysis of the body so that the doctor can study the patient's condition and be able to prescribe a recovery course. Prices for the treatment of thyroiditis are presented on the website, you can also call and learn more about how to prepare for a visit to a specialist.

Benefits of treatment in our clinic

We propose to restore the thyroid gland in JSC "Medicine" (clinic of Academician Roitberg). The treatment process in our clinic is effective, we have experienced doctors, modern equipment is used to identify problems and eliminate them. The advantages of our center are as follows:

  1. We are always open for you. The medical center is open on holidays and weekends. You can call at a convenient time and make an appointment.
  2. There is an ambulance. You will not have to wait long for a car if your health condition is critical. Call our ambulance, the cars are equipped with all the necessary equipment.
  3. Convenient comfortable rooms. You will feel almost at home, our wards help you recover as soon as possible with the convenience and tranquility. The center's task is to create a favorable atmosphere for recovery.
  4. Highly qualified specialists. Doctors will help with the treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis, they have extensive experience in this field. All doctors regularly undergo training, consult with foreign colleagues.
  5. Courteous staff. You will not have to stand in lines, an assistant will be assigned to you to accompany you through the departments. The doctor is always in touch, supervises you personally.

Call us and find out the cost, as well as other information about the provision of services. Consultants will answer your questions in detail. Choose quality medicine.

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