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Herpes is a viral disease that manifests itself as an infection that affects the surface of the skin and mucous membranes on the face and genitals of a person.

Herpes symptoms

Once in the body, the herpes virus does not manifest itself for 2-10 days. However, after this time, an accumulation of tiny white bubbles appears on the designated areas, merging with each other and provoking itching and slight tingling.

In extreme cases, this symptom can be supplemented by others:

  • headache;
  • general weakness in the body;
  • an increase in body temperature.

In even rarer cases, a complication may develop - herpetic meningitis, characterized by brain inflammation.

Causes of herpes

The herpes simplex virus can appear in the human body after contact with the sick in the event that the latter has open affected areas of the skin. Herpes multiplies quite rapidly, so even a quick contact is enough.

There are a number of reasons that can affect the body and contribute to its infection:

  • frequent stress, depression;
  • hypothermia of the body, staying outdoors for a long time during strong winds;
  • acute respiratory viral disease;
  • diseases that affect the suppression of the natural human immune system;
  • alcohol abuse, junk food;
  • severe poisoning of the body.

In addition to these, herpes can have other, more serious causes, for example, Alzheimer's disease. Any of these reasons can trigger the appearance of herpes on the lips or body.

Herpes Treatment

It has been established that herpes treatment requires treatment depending on the specific cause that caused it. Therefore, it is especially important to contact an experienced therapist or pediatrician when it comes to a child.

The course of treatment is influenced by the frequency of relapses: for example, to get rid of a patient from acute or chronic herpes, some drugs are used, for a single case - others, more gentle.

Herpes on the lips and body is treated with the following drugs:

  • antiviral agents used as "first aid" against the active development of the herpes virus;
  • in serious cases, an anti-inflammatory agent for herpes is selected;
  • vitamin support of the body during the period of its weakness is no less important, therefore, vitamin supplements can be prescribed, and a special diet based mainly on protein foods, dairy products, herbs, vegetables and fruits;
  • an abundant drink is prescribed: mainly pure non-carbonated water, herbal teas, fruit drinks.

Regardless of the type of herpes, you should understand the reason that acted as a catalyst. Therefore, it is important that an experienced doctor is involved in the diagnosis.

You will find these very specialists in Medicina JSC (academician Roitberg's clinic), located in the center of Moscow at 10 2nd Tverskoy-Yamskaya lane, a five-minute walk from the Mayakovskaya metro station. You can make an appointment and quickly get an appointment by calling the round-the-clock phone +7 (495) 995-00-33 or by leaving a request in the feedback form.

Prevention of herpes

The most important step in the prevention of herpes on the body and lips is the general strengthening of the body and its immune system. These include the following factors:

  • the use of immunomodulators in the autumn-winter period;
  • vaccination against the herpes virus;
  • if possible, quitting bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • strict restriction of sweets, fatty, fried, smoked foods, fast food;
  • full, balanced nutrition;
  • healthy sleep;
  • avoiding stress and depression;
  • selection of clothes according to weather conditions;
  • compliance with all the rules of personal hygiene;
  • use of contraceptives during intercourse.
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