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Sinusitis is a common disease among people, during which the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus is inflamed. It is also known medically as the maxillary. The maxillary sinuses include the paranasal paranasal sinuses, which themselves look like air cavities inside the human body. Without these cavities, the human body cannot function normally, since their main task is to equalize atmospheric and intracranial pressure, perform resonator functions, and condition the air. As a result, all the maxillary sinuses fall into the nasal cavity, enveloped in a mucus membrane that belongs to the bone skeleton. Inflammation of the maxillary sinuses leads to very serious consequences. That is why the treatment of acute sinusitis is extremely important.

Very often, sinusitis begins to develop after repeated prolonged runny nose or long-term cold, which for the first time was not completely cured without a doctor's supervision. It is important to note that a runny nose and a cold are not the only factors that cause the disease to develop. Sinusitis can manifest itself due to neglected teeth, especially the upper ones, but about the main causes of the disease later. Constantly stuffy nose, mucus, pus, fever are clear signs of the disease, which you should not close your eyes to and you need to consult a doctor.

If you close your eyes to all the signs, then sinusitis from a mild stage can turn into purulent. Then a person may begin to suffer not only from sinusitis, but also from a number of other diseases. It is worth fearing acute sinusitis, since in the process of this disease, the thin mucous membrane begins to become very inflamed. As a result, it obscures the maxillary sinuses, which leads to complications. In addition to the sinus, in this case, nearby blood vessels also suffer.

People of completely different ages are exposed to sinusitis. In this case, the sex of a person is absolutely not important. If you refer to publicly available statistics, then most often because of sinusitis they begin to suffer in the fall and winter, sometimes an exacerbation can begin in early spring. Nowadays, the treatment of such sinusitis is possible, and very successful. It is important to see the right specialist.

Symptoms, signs of sinusitis

Symptoms and signs of sinusitis in a person can be different, but there are several general signs that are really worth paying attention to. So, a very common sign of sinusitis, both in an adult and in a child, is severe pain in and around the nose, which becomes more and more every hour or day. It is important to note sinusitis causes symptoms more in the evening than in the morning, then a person begins to have a severe headache, which is complemented by unpleasant sensations in the nose. Doctors note that sometimes it occurs only on one side of the nose.

Another sign is the nasal voice of a sick person, due to nasal congestion, breathing through the sinuses is difficult. Sometimes it is noted that at an early stage, the first sinus swells, then the second. A clear symptom of the development of the disease is the presence of a runny nose. If purulent, mucous discharge from the nose with sinusitis is observed, then you should pay attention to this. There are times when the nose is very stuffy and yellow, green, transparent mucus is not released.

Very often, in the treatment of this sinusitis, there is an increased body temperature, which sometimes reaches 38 degrees and even higher. It is necessary to fight sinusitis, otherwise it can become chronic, and high body temperature will undermine the entire health of the body. In addition to everything, the patient may experience severe fatigue, weakness, he may have a lack of appetite. The presence of a symptom such as insomnia can also highlight problems with the nose. It is much more difficult to develop sinusitis in adults, this is especially noticeable with purulent sinusitis.

List of symptoms of sinusitis:

  • mucous discharge from the nose;
  • due to strong pressure in the sinus area, sinusitis appears;
  • insomnia;
  • labored breathing;
  • constant fatigue;
  • sinusitis can be recognized by a very high temperature;
  • there are such symptoms in sinusitis: chills, severe cough, malaise, pain in the entire head.

As for the temperature during sinusitis, the disease manifests itself in this way mainly at the initial stage. This is how the human body tries to respond to an infection that has entered it. Since there is a complete intoxication with other symptoms, if you do not start treating sinusitis. At different stages of sinusitis, there is not only nasal congestion, but also a frequently changing temperature. Violent fever is very common when the sinuses are blocked. If the disease has become chronic, then such a phenomenon as a high body temperature may not exist, because the problem lies in something else and everything manifests itself through other symptoms.

In general, there is a fairly large list of symptoms that the doctor should tell about if sinusitis is treated. It all depends on the age of a person, his lifestyle, characteristics of the body, immunity and the parallel development of a number of other diseases. Therefore, a blocked nose for a long time is not a reason to think that sinusitis has begun, it all depends on the condition of the sinuses.

If the disease begins to actively progress, then doctors observe the following signs in patients:

  • complete or partial loss of smell;
  • runny nose that does not go away for weeks;
  • the eyes begin to constantly watery due to the fact that the nose is stuffy;
  • pain in the sinus area, which worsens towards the night;
  • profuse sweating;
  • the person stops breathing through the nose;
  • the manifestation of an unpleasant odor in the sinuses.

Diagnosis of sinusitis

According to the general signs that professional doctors identify, it is impossible to effectively determine sinusitis on their own, since to confirm all the guesses, a complete diagnosis is necessary. There are diagnostics for both adults and children. It is characterized and focused on the identification of serious diseases and the search for a successful treatment method. To begin with, a rhinoscopy is performed at the medical center. Also, a specialist must take smears, take x-rays to understand how affected the sinuses. Only after the doctors of the clinic conduct a full examination, make a diagnosis, discuss the price and the method by which the sinusitis will be treated.

During the diagnosis, specialists first examine all possible visual factors associated with the disease. The face should be examined, as sinus problems can be displayed through the asymmetry of the cheeks. If the doctor notices that the eyeballs are slightly protruding, then this is the reason to continue the examination and begin effective treatment of sinusitis. If the doctor found that there is pain in the sinus area, there is a runny nose and sinusitis, the mobility of soft tissues is limited, then this is also a reason to think about treatment.

Another effective method is auscultatory diagnostics. The specialist listens to the nose for pus because it is a good conductor of sound. For this, the doctor uses a special device - a tuning fork, it must be installed exactly in the middle of the crown or in the sinuses. In addition, a phonendoscope is already installed in the maxillary sinuses, which just allows you to listen to everything.

The fact whether the treatment of sinusitis is needed can also be determined by such a diagnosis as rhinoscopy. Using special optical devices, the doctor examines the nasal cavities. It should be noted that this method is considered by many to be one of the most accurate. But the classic method of examination in a hospital, one of the most effective, is x-ray. This is a reliable method, after which, most often, a doctor establishes a diagnosis and a method is selected to quickly cure sinusitis. Thus, the doctor, using an X-ray, finds areas of darkening of the maxillary sinuses.

If the patient has a persistent runny nose, then a contrast study can also be used as a diagnosis, which is very effective during purulent sinusitis. A person suffering from possible sinusitis is sometimes referred for electro-radiography, which is considered one of the most modern and innovative methods for making an accurate diagnosis and prescribing treatment for adult sinusitis.

It is important to note that any presence of sinus discomfort should be alarming, because sometimes everything goes unnoticed, when sinusitis begins and there is a late admission to the hospital, treatment methods do not help. It is better to immediately take tests, check for complications with purulent sinusitis and try to heal. Moreover, the cost of treating sinusitis is very high for residents of Moscow and the whole country. Of course, it is better not to know what it is - acute sinusitis, than its symptoms are characterized. Therefore, the clinic offers effective treatment and advises you to check again for sinus problems.

Causes of sinusitis

In most cases, the main cause of sinus congestion is considered to be an infection that can enter the sinus cavity through blood or even normal breathing. Basically, nasal breathing can be impaired due to the fact that a person's nasal septum was twisted or he suffered from rhinitis, when it comes to children, such reasons as adenoids or an allergic reaction are distinguished. Even due to low immunity, a disease may well begin, followed by a long treatment of sinusitis.

Professionals identify reasons of a different nature, since any part of the body can suffer. There may also be the occurrence of sinusitis due to staphylococcus, which actually lives in the human nose for a very long period of time and does not make itself felt in any way. Without a special examination, a person will not even guess that he carries a bacterium in himself every day. But if the bacterium shows its activity, then purulent sinusitis may begin in the sinus, which does not manifest itself in any way with an ordinary rhinitis.

The reasons why the disease develops:

  • the sinus mucosa was somehow injured;
  • bacteria settled in the nasopharynx or viruses got in with a cold and purulent discharge began;
  • first aid was not provided for sinusitis at an early stage;
  • the runny nose was not completely cured;
  • a cold disease turned out to be neglected and proceeded without a doctor's supervision;
  • with sinusitis, a second cold may begin;
  • for the treatment of sinusitis, eyes were closed for a long time;
  • the patient was often in a draft;
  • oral hygiene was not observed;
  • the mucous membrane suffered from an aggressive environment;
  • the patient has recently had a cold or flu;
  • the body is severely hypothermic;
  • previously there were dangerous diseases that became the reason to start treatment of sinusitis.

Treatment of sinusitis

Cure sinusitis allows innovative solutions and approaches to treatment. It is enough to undergo one high-quality effective course of treatment to forget about the problem for many years or even forever. The hospital offers professional treatment for adults, treatment of various sinusitis.

Only a doctor can tell about how to treat the disease in detail and individually during a personal appointment, therefore, the treatment of sinusitis is selected for each patient. The treatment of sinusitis should be taken seriously by both the doctor and the patient. In the modern world, various principles of treatment are recommended and used, it is important to find the root cause of all problems and check it.

The main goal that any doctor sets himself in the treatment of sinusitis symptoms is to relieve swelling. There are many ways to treat adult sinusitis, but the first thing every specialist does is to remove mucus located in the sinus. This method is considered to be very effective. It makes it possible to act further. First of all, it is necessary by all effective attempts to destroy the bacterium or infection, because of which, in principle, the treatment of sinusitis began.

Antibiotic therapy is very often used, which destroys all viruses, and in order to relieve swelling, special vasoconstrictor drugs are effective. Sometimes doctors decide to flush the nasal passages so that the sinusitis treatment progresses faster. Such measures are also quite effective. In this case, doctors recommend using saline solutions, antiseptics. An important part of the treatment of any sinusitis is getting rid of pus, after which the patient must attend physiotherapy procedures for full recovery.

If all attempts in the treatment of sinusitis are in vain, then the clinic has the right to carry out surgical intervention on the basis of its indications. This method will definitely help to get rid of the disease forever, but only if the patient has no contraindications and the treatment of sinusitis is agreed with all specialists.

Classification of sinusitis

There are various types and stages of sinusitis that people do not even suspect about when they suffer from a runny nose, because during the illness the nose is clogged. All doctors talk about monotonous, chronic, allergic, polyposis, purulent, bilateral, acute and catarrhal sinusitis. In all these cases, with the help of a certain suitable method, the attending physician diagnoses the type of sinusitis that must be dealt with. Most often, doctors diagnose purulent, acute, bilateral sinusitis.

Physicians treating this disease

Many people who do not understand the intricacies of the disease, but, unfortunately, must undergo urgent treatment for sinusitis, know which doctor is treating this ailment. If we talk in more detail about the doctors who work in the clinic, then the ENT is directly involved in the treatment of sinusitis. He specializes in the study and treatment of not only the nose, but also the ears, throat, as well as the prevention of all possible pathologies in this area. A whole science is devoted to the study and treatment of sinusitis - otolaryngology, which is of great importance in the treatment of patients.

The ENT doctor has several specializations, since he must be able to carry out outpatient diagnostics, treat acute and chronic rhinitis, give a professional indication, etc. In the modern world, ENT uses both proven traditional methods of drug and surgical treatment of sinusitis, and the latest developments. ENT treats nasal cavities using high technology, so he can be trusted with his own health. A complete list of doctors and the cost of their services can be found in the department of one of the clinics, since each specialist has his own prices depending on the stage of the disease and the method of its treatment.


At first, sinusitis can be prevented if you adhere to some rules and methods of treatment:

  • it is necessary to strengthen the immune system in the cold season and in early spring;
  • any cold must be properly treated in a timely manner;
  • it is best to get rid of contact with allergens or to minimize them;
  • it is necessary to monitor the condition of the teeth, since very often they become the cause of sinusitis;
  • self-medication is strictly prohibited, you need to immediately consult a doctor, especially since the prices for treatment are acceptable.


At any stage of sinusitis, the following actions are contraindicated:

  • you cannot try to cure the disease on your own without a doctor's prescription, based on information from the Internet, the patient will never be able to diagnose himself on his own;
  • if the doctor wrote out and said certain instructions for additional procedures, physiotherapy, intake and dosage of drugs, then they must be followed without question. Otherwise, it will lead to the fact that the disease will return with renewed vigor and hit the body;
  • while undergoing treatment in the clinic, it is not recommended to try to improve the result using something from traditional medicine, since some medicines and some herbs together can give a negative result, which will only aggravate the treatment;
  • during the treatment of sinusitis, you should not be in the cold for a long time and it is best to try to avoid drafts;
  • in order not to accidentally pick up new viruses and bacteria, during illness it is best to be at home and avoid contact with a large number of people;
  • it is best to devote 2-3 weeks to treatment and complete recovery, so as not to end up with chronic inflammation of the nose.

Cost of initial admission, research, treatment

To get rid of sinusitis forever, and not just cure it for a while, you need to make an appointment with the clinic for an initial appointment. There, a professional ENT will listen to all the complaints of a potential future patient, analyzing all aspects and examining the primary symptoms, the doctor will have to conduct a small diagnosis. So already in the first session, he will be able to identify whether a person really suffers from sinusitis or all these are false symptoms and the problem is completely different. The initial admission price is low. You can get acquainted with it in the full list of prices for the clinic's services. If sinusitis was detected, the diagnosis and all analyzes confirmed this, then in the future all aspects of treatment are discussed with the patient, starting with the list of studies that are recommended to be completed and ending with determining the method of treating the disease. It is impossible to recover in one day, because this requires an integrated approach in order to individually select a method, drugs to which there is no allergic reaction, procedures and a recovery plan.

Benefits of treatment in the clinic of JSC "Medicine"

JSC "Medicine" (Clinic of Academician Roitberg) is a professional private clinic, which is deservedly considered one of the best medical centers. The clinic finds new approaches to treatment every year. The quality of examinations and treatment is in line with medical standards. In addition, a great advantage of the clinic is that each patient will have their own personal curator who will monitor all treatment and coordinate each decision with specialized specialists. So that there are no questions or problems, the clinic keeps records of the entire medical history of each client, so any of them can personally track the progress of treatment. The clinic of Medicina JSC guarantees the absence of queues, a pleasant atmosphere and a very high level of service.

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