Terms and benefits of working with the clinic

Advantages of JSC "Medicine" (Clinic of Academician Roytberg) 

Choosing a medical institution is not an easy task. After all, the patient chooses whom to entrust his health and life. Therefore, preference is given to real professionals in their field, ready to quickly and competently help in any situations, responsible for their actions and guaranteeing high standards of medical care. Clinic "Medicine" combines all the best that can be offered to the patient in the field of medical care.

Academic Management

The head of the clinic is Grigory Efimovich Roytberg, President of JSC "Medicine" (Academician Roytberg's clinic), academician RAS, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the RF Government Prize in the field education.
Grigory Efimovich is a true professional in his field with extensive experience, demanding of himself and his employees. Grigory Efimovich tirelessly monitors the quality of the clinic's work and compliance with high standards of medical care, supports the best traditions and implements the latest developments in Russian and world medicine.

Compliance with Russian and international quality standards

In 2011, Medicina JSC (Academician Roytberg's clinic), the first and at that time the only one in Russia, received Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation to the highest international standards in the field of safety and quality of medical care. Today in the world just over 650 hospitals are accredited according to these standards.

In 2014 and 2017. the clinic has successfully passed JCI re-accreditation.

Medicina JSC (Academician Roytberg's Clinic) is the first and only clinic in Russia that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, which is confirmed by an international certificate.

Awards and achievements of JSC "Medicine" (Clinic of Academician Roytberg):
- laureate of the "Medical Institution of the Year" award of the Moscow Festival in the field of health care "Formula of Life" in the category "Non-State Medical Organization" (2012);
- Prize-winner of the European Foundation for Quality Management in the 2012 EFQM Awards in the “Value for the Consumer” nomination;
- winner of the competition for the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality (for 2009);
- holder of the diploma "Russian quality" and the right to use the mark "Russian quality" (2009).

Guarantees ensuring the observance of the rights and safety of patients

Clinic guarantees are specific obligations for the fulfillment of which the clinic bears material and reputational a responsibility. Warranty information is publicly available.

Each patient is guaranteed with each visit:
- examination in full compliance with medical standards - you will be assigned and performed all the necessary and sufficient amount of diagnostic and therapeutic measures to make a diagnosis and ensure the quality of treatment;
- the presence of a personal physician-curator - our clinic implements the principle proclaimed by academician N.A. Semashko: "One patient - one doctor." The curator treats the patient as a family doctor, therapist or pediatrician, coordinates the treatment prescribed by other specialists, and also takes part in the treatment of his patients in the hospital;
- escorting patients when moving around the clinic - our employee will guide you to the desired office and help you navigate the clinic;
- no queues - we save your time, so we guarantee:
     - receiving all the services you need on the day of contact, if it is technologically possible and your condition allows;
     - the opportunity to visit a doctor within 24 hours, undergo the prescribed diagnostic tests necessary for the diagnosis, and visit your doctor again;
     - that you do not have to wait for an appointment more than 20 minutes, subject to an appointment.
- providing written recommendations after admission in order to avoid any ambiguities and errors in subsequent treatment;
- providing personal access to the medical history - the consultations carried out are documented in a reliable electronic medical history system. At any convenient time and in any place where there is Internet access, the patient can view his personal medical history through his Personal Account on the clinic's website. Such a unique (not only in Russia, but also in the world) openness of the clinic is a confirmation of the principle of the priority of the patient's interests;
- provision on a CD-ROM of all the results of diagnostic studies and video recordings of surgical interventions carried out under anesthesia; - having this information on hand, the patient gets the opportunity to find out a "second opinion": when contacting another clinic, show not only the and video recording of the study itself;
- providing information on the drugs used;
- consideration of any requests from patients to the administration of the clinic with a guarantee of receiving a written response - we understand that it is you who are the final arbiters who assess the quality of our services, all your wishes, comments and opinions will be heard, not a single appeal will remain unanswered;
- receiving material compensation in case of a justified claim or non-fulfillment by the clinic of the listed guarantees - JSC "Medicina" Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) provides clear guarantees, criteria for assessing the quality of our work and is ready to financially and morally respond to its obligations.

Quality of diagnosis and treatment

In our work, we implement the concept "All the best in medicine!" Therefore, we are constantly introducing new medical technologies of domestic and foreign medicine, expanding the range of high-tech medical services to help our patients with any diseases. For this purpose, only the most modern medical equipment from leading manufacturers is purchased.

For 28 years, JSC "Medicina" Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) has become the largest private multidisciplinary medical institution in the capital, which employs about 1000 employees. More than half of the doctors are candidates and doctors of medical sciences, doctors of the highest qualification category. JSC "Medicine" (Clinic of Academician Roytberg) is the clinical base of the Department of Therapy and Family Medicine of the Russian State Medical University named after V.I. N.I. Pirogov. Our doctors strictly adhere to medical and economic standards of treatment, reaching the highest, even for modern European clinics, patient compliance. In 1999, JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of Academician Roytberg) introduced an electronic medical history for the first time.

Every day, about 2,500 people apply for help to JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of Academician Roytberg). More than 40 thousand patients are constantly monitored at our medical institution.

According to the ratings of the largest insurance companies, Medicina JSC (Academician Roytberg's clinic) is recognized as one of the best in Moscow in terms of the quality of diagnostics and treatment. Hundreds of the largest Russian and Western companies have entrusted the clinic's doctors with taking care of the health of their employees; more than 100 insurance companies are served here.

Everything for the convenience of patients

The clinic is located in the very center of the city, next to the Mayakovskaya metro station.

It unites a polyclinic, a hospital, an emergency department and restorative medicine. This makes it possible to provide in the clinic of Medicina JSC (the clinic of Academician Roytberg) complex treatment, prevention and rehabilitation with a succession of stages: one doctor leads the patient in the clinic and in the hospital.

In JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of Academician Roytberg) everything is done for the patient: a convenient mode of work; the opportunity to undergo a medical examination and receive recommendations within one day; the ability to call a taxi by contacting the administrator; escort to the clinic's offices and much more.

For the psychological comfort of patients, the interiors of the clinic are made in the style of the best hotels: beautiful halls, soft carpets, flowers, TVs and newspapers, delicious coffee and the absence of the smell of drugs.