World first aid day; 07.09.2018; September 8 World First Aid Day

September 8 World First Aid Day. Every year since 2000, World First Aid Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in September. It was initiated by national organizations - members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. In 2018, this day falls on September 8th.

How to behave in an emergency, says Zhanna Valentinovna Dorosh, chief doctor of the clinic of MEDICINA OJSC, Ph.D., associate professor.

Walking around the city, relaxing in nature, while driving a car, you may be a witness of an accident. There are several minutes to make a decision, and possibly several seconds, on which a person's life depends.

First aid is a prompt aid that is provided until it is possible to obtain qualified medical care. Do not be afraid to act, you are always able to contribute, even if it is a simple call for help. What are the tasks facing the person who provides first aid? The first thing to do is to assess the situation and answer the question: "Is this situation really urgent." After that, you call an ambulance and, before its arrival, provide first aid to the victim.

There are several main reasons that prevent us from acting correctly in an emergency situation:

own lack of confidence in the correctness of their decisions in the current situation and fear of doing something wrong;

the presence of unauthorized persons who criticize your actions, give advice, interfere with correct manipulations;

the nature of the damage, for example, the sight of blood, repulsive odors, etc .;

fear of getting infected, to reduce the likelihood, it is necessary to carry out activities with gloves, and after taking the action, be sure to wash your hands.

One of the important issues is the legal aspects of assistance. In accordance with the opinion of lawyers, the following points should be taken into account:

If the victim is conscious, then you must obtain permission to provide first aid, the only exceptions are children with whom their parents are not present; if you are refused, then you should not take action, but is nearby, control the situation and call an ambulance;

The movement of the victim should be carried out only if his life is threatened by the danger associated with his location;

You only need to do what you are able to do, the first manipulation is to ensure airway patency;

Calling an ambulance team is mandatory.

There are four principles of first aid that must be followed step by step.

The first step is to inspect the scene of the accident, make sure that this place does not pose a danger to you and those around you, you need to assess what happened, how many injured and whether those around you are able to help you. Never put yourself at risk, otherwise you may find yourself in the role of the victim;

The second step is to conduct an initial examination of the victim and provide first aid, in a condition that threatens his life. During the initial conversation with the victim, ask the victim's name, what diseases and allergic reactions he has, introduce yourself, get consent to first aid and proceed with the initial examination. Do not push or move the victim, check for airway patency (if you have no suspicion of a neck injury, you should tilt your head back and raise your chin), check for breathing and pulse. To check breathing if the victim is unconscious, you need to pay attention to the movement of the chest, in the presence of breathing, it should rise and fall, while leaning towards the victim, feel and hear breathing. If the victim is not breathing, you must administer artificial respiration. To determine the pulse, you must feel the carotid artery in the neck, on the side that is closer to you, if there is no pulse, then you must combine artificial ventilation with alternate pressure on the sternum. If breathing and pulse are determined in an unconscious victim, then it is necessary to turn the victim on his side so that his airways are open;

The third step is to call an ambulance, for this you can use the number 112; when providing primary care, you must entrust this step to another person;

The fourth step is to conduct a secondary examination of the victim. Help is needed when the situation changes. In the absence of the possibility of further independent assistance, it is necessary to stay close to the victim, assess the situation and change in the victim's behavior, calm him down and stay there until the ambulance arrives.

An accident is stressful. The reactions of people who witnessed the incident can be different. It should be noted that there are no adequate or inadequate responses. For some people, strong emotions may appear immediately, while for others it may take a few days or weeks. The psychological reaction can be accompanied by feelings of fear, mistrust, anger, and guilt. In some cases, a person re-experiences what has happened, and this is accompanied by day and nightmares. To overcome these consequences, you must remember a few rules:

remember that your reaction is absolutely normal, and its character is individual for each person;

you cannot be alone even if the accident has made a strong impression on you;

share your experiences with loved ones, if necessary, contact your doctor;

be caring and tolerant of yourself, indulge yourself for a few days, try to change your environment or occupation.

Readiness to act in an emergency situation contributes to the prompt and correct provision of assistance to the victim, and awareness of one's own actions helps to overcome the obstacles that arise when providing first aid.

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September 8 World First Aid Day