Dental treatment for children

Did you know that up to 72% of adult patients feel anxious before visiting the dentist? And what is it like for young patients, especially if they have a negative experience of dealing with "white coats"?

JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of academician Roitberg) employs wonderful pediatric dentists, professionals in their field who have the skills of child adaptation to a dental appointment. But it is not always possible to defeat fear - the baby continues to worry.

In our clinic, dental treatment under anesthesia is carried out using the drug Sevoran.

Sevoran is the "gold standard" in modern pediatric dentistry: a child falls asleep and wakes up faster. The drug does not irritate the respiratory tract.

Working in accordance with international JCI standards guarantees the maximum safety and quality of dental treatment for children under anesthesia.

High-tech equipment calculates the most accurate and necessary dosage of Sevoran for each child.

During treatment, the child is under the supervision of an anesthesiologist every second.

The vital functions of the little patient are monitored.

Dental treatment with anesthesia takes place only in the operating room.

Before being treated with anesthesia, a child needs to consult a pediatrician and undergo a number of examinations that are available “under one roof” - in our clinic.

Dental treatment for children can be comfortable, high-quality and safe.

For reference.

Children under 3 years old in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated November 13, 2012 No. 910n (as amended on September 28, 2016) "On approval of the Procedure for the provision of medical care to children with dental diseases" (registered with the Ministry of Justice of Russia on December 20, 2012 No. 26214) must undergo dental treatment under general anesthesia (anesthesia). The indications for treatment under anesthesia in each case are discussed by pediatric dentists with their parents, and anesthesiologists are involved in consultations.