Dentists of JSC "Medicine" care about the health of the mother and the future baby

Dental problems that the expectant mother has, affect the development of the fetus and, in the future, affect the health of the child.

That is why, during pregnancy, it is very important to interact with a dentist and carry out a set of therapeutic and prophylactic measures to improve the oral cavity.

A few simple rules for maintaining dental health.

  • First trimester - prevention of adverse manifestations in the oral cavity; selection of therapeutic and prophylactic agents. Important! During this period, planned dental treatment is not carried out!

  • Second trimester - control and correction of oral hygiene; professional oral hygiene and remineralizing therapy; planned dental treatment if indicated.

  • The best period for oral cavity sanitation is the second and the beginning of the third trimester.

  • At the end of the third trimester, planned treatment is undesirable, since even the smallest irritants can provoke premature birth.

Treatment and extraction of teeth using local anesthesia and x-rays are possible during pregnancy.

However, the safest and most rational approach is to completely sanitize the oral cavity when planning a future pregnancy, and during pregnancy - observation by the dentist and carrying out planned treatment, if necessary.

The safety of dental care is the basic principle of the work of dentists of JSC "Medicine" (clinic of Academician Roitberg). Our efforts are aimed not only at ensuring the dental health of the expectant mother, but also at the birth of a healthy baby.