Is it worth getting vaccinated?

In our society, there is an ambiguous attitude towards vaccinations, and even more so towards vaccines that have been created recently, for example, like Sputnik V. Due to a lack of information and rumors, many people are afraid to get vaccinated, fearing negative consequences. I would like to dispel some myths and objectively talk about whether it is worth getting vaccinated against coronavirus.

Some statistics and details about the vaccine

According to the FOM, only slightly more than 40% of Russians are ready to be vaccinated, while data from unofficial polls indicate that only 20-25% of people are ready. The rest are afraid that the drug developed in such a short time will harm their health, and it is better to just get sick with Covid. Should you be afraid?

Vaccination is carried out according to a two-stage scheme, which is recognized as one of the most effective in the world. The risk of the body remaining susceptible to disease after being vaccinated in this manner is minimized.

According to studies, the effectiveness of the vaccine is about 95%, that is, after vaccination against coronavirus, the chance of getting sick remains, but it is only 5%. Even if this happens, the person will suffer a mild illness, for example, ARVI symptoms will appear, but the virus will not reach the lungs.

Is it worth getting vaccinated against coronavirus, or is it better to just get sick?

The health risk from vaccinations is in any case less than from Covid-19. More than 20% of people have at least one disease, due to which the coronavirus can be severe. But even after a mild form, not everyone can recover quickly. For some people, the negative effects in the form of constant weakness, dizziness or a reduced sense of smell do not go away for months.

Many are kept from being vaccinated by the myth that after the vaccine, immunity will drop, and the risk of contracting not only Covid, but also other respiratory diseases will increase. The drug does not affect the intensity of the immune response in any way. The vaccine will not reduce immunity, will not increase a person's susceptibility to ARVI. It will simply shape the immune system's response to the coronavirus infection.

Let's touch on the practical side of the issue. The disease guarantees a loss of ability to work for at least 2 weeks, and it will be very difficult to work at full strength during the recovery period.

The decision about whether to be vaccinated is made individually by each person, taking into account his current condition and existing diseases. If you have chronic diseases or other difficulties, it is better to consult your doctor. If he identifies full or partial contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus, he will inform the patient about it.