Not just ultrasound diagnostics

JSC "Medicine" (Clinic of Academician Roitberg), in addition to standard studies, offers its patients Dopplerographic studies of blood vessels and ЗD / 4D ultrasound.

АО «Медицина» (клиника академика Ройтберга), помимо стандартных исследований, предлагает своим пациентам допплерографические исследования сосудов и ЗD/4D УЗИ.

3D ultrasound data provide additional information, which is especially important for the diagnosis of certain malformations: face, spinal column, limbs.

In addition to medical purposes, 3D / 4D ultrasound allows the expectant mother to see an image of her baby close to the photo.

Doppler study allows you to determine:

  • blood flow velocity in the vessels;
  • direction of blood flow;
  • the width of the lumen in the vessels;
  • pressure in the vessel.