A scientific and educational conference "School of a comorbid patient

Moscow, April 2017 - A scientific and educational conference "School of a comorbid patient" will be held at JSC "Medicina" Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) on April 27. The event will be attended by scientists and doctors, cardiologists, immunologists, therapists. Comorbidity is the presence of an additional clinical picture that already exists or may appear on its own, in addition to the current disease, and is always different from it. First of all, the event will be of interest to cardiologists, therapists and family doctors. The conference was organized with the support of Pfizer.

The main idea of ​​the school is that there are no separate diseases. Everything in the human body is connected, and nothing goes unnoticed. Disruption of the work of one link, despite the timely elimination of the defect, entails changes in the course of many processes, mechanisms and functions of the human body. An individual approach to the patient dictates the need for a comprehensive study of the clinic of the main, concomitant and past diseases, as well as their complex diagnosis and rational treatment. There are a number of rules for formulating a clinical diagnosis in a comorbid patient that should be followed by a practicing physician. The main rule is to highlight the main and background diseases in the structure of the diagnosis, as well as their complications and concomitant pathology.

In 1970, Alvan Feinstein, an outstanding American physician, researcher and epidemiologist who had a significant influence on the technique of conducting clinical research, proposed the concept of "comorbidity" (Latin co - "together" and morbus - "disease"). After the discovery of comorbidity, it was singled out as a separate research area.

The conference program includes consideration of issues by topics:

- Anticoagulant therapy

- Preventive measures to prevent thromboembolism

- Rational appointment of anticoagulant therapy

- Aspect of safety in working with difficult patients on anticoagulant therapy

- Lecture on how smoking affects the development of complications and how smoking cessation can help in achieving the desired result of therapy

- Risks of developing cardiovascular diseases

- How to correctly and timely identify risks in a comorbid patient

- How vaccination can help elderly patients with a developed presence of comorbid pathology

- How to protect yourself and your patient when working with a complex comorbid patient.

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