Panic attacks: how to identify and what to do about them?

Anxiety for no good reason, anxiety that causes a distressing mental state, are key signs of panic attacks. This disease belongs to the category of complex - its provoking causes are not fully understood. Panic attacks always occur unexpectedly, suddenly, they are accompanied by somatic disorders, rapid heartbeat, dizziness. With all this, a person cannot control himself.

According to medical research, at least 5% of people living in large cities suffer from this disease.

How to tell: the main signs and symptoms

Panic attacks are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • the emergence of a feeling of doom, the emergence of fear of death;

  • impaired respiratory function, accompanied by dry mouth;

  • dizziness, headache;

  • increased sweating, nausea;

  • heart palpitations.

You may also feel severe weakness, numbness of the limbs. The physical manifestations listed above are accompanied by changes in the mental state of a person: there is a feeling of unreality of the events taking place around them, as well as a loss of control over them.

How to help yourself or what to do with an illness

Successful treatment of panic attacks is common. The main thing is to get down to it in a timely manner, because this ailment is not a sentence. Treatment allows you to first minimize the manifestations of the symptoms of the disease, and then gradually get rid of it completely.

The proven effectiveness has the use of an integrated approach: drug therapy and psychotherapeutic influence.

Treatment of panic attacks is possible using different techniques: cognitive-behavioral, hypnosuggestational therapy, autogenous training. The most suitable method is selected taking into account the specifics of the manifestations of the disease.

With the help of cognitive behavioral therapy, the thought patterns and behaviors that provoke panic attacks are eliminated.

Hypno-suggestive therapy is based on suggestions to prevent anxiety. The necessary settings enable the patient to overcome the panic.

Also, on the way to healing, one should not neglect simple home methods: if panic attacks occur, you need to take a sedative or pills that have a sedative effect. Intensive kneading of the earlobes, massage of the fingers (tips), self-hypnosis about the groundlessness of fears, the absence of serious danger on their part allows to neutralize the attacks.