The radiology Department of the Meditsina clinic is recognized as one of the best radiology departments in the country!

According to the results of the All-Russian rating of radiation diagnostics departments-2018, the radiation diagnostics department of JSC "Medicina" Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) was included in the list of the best.

The Department of Radiation Diagnostics has been awarded a certificate and a quality mark for its efficient and patient-centered work.

The following areas have been awarded:

  • Radiology

  • Mammography

  • Densitometry

  • CT scan

  • Magnetic resonance imaging

  • Ultrasound diagnostics

  • Radionuclide diagnostics

  • Positron emission tomography

The rating of the departments of radiology diagnostics was developed to evaluate the departments of radiology diagnostics, it is intended to stimulate them to improve and develop a patient-oriented model of work.