The updated linear accelerators of JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of Academician Roytberg) have become the most modern in Russia

In August 2020, Medicina JSC (Academician Roytberg's Clinic) updated the Varian linear accelerators, the Aria cancer information system and the Eclipse dosimetric planning system. Comprehensive modernization has made it possible to increase the speed and accuracy of the treatment of malignant neoplasms of any type.

Thanks to the improvement of accelerators and the installation of additional modules and applications, a number of factors that affect the quality and safety of treatment have improved, accelerated and simplified.

Preparing for a therapy session just got easier.

For the first time in practice in Russia, the iCBCT function performs interactive computed tomography (CT) in a conical beam. The improved image quality compared to standard CT imaging provides more information about anatomical structures and helps to better visualize the location of the tumor and adjacent tissues. And the 4D cbct option is synchronized with the patient's breathing and precisely “hits” even moving targets.

Integration with the oncological information system allows planning a course of radiation therapy and calculating the power and dose of radiation after a stimulating CT scan, as well as tracking changes in the patient's condition and studying the features of each performed procedure.

The Smart Segmentation software block, a medical analogue of a self-learning neural network, is based on existing clinical cases and helps the equipment operator to visualize and determine the contours of a malignant neoplasm.

Treatment is faster and more accurate.

Before the renewal, the duration of one therapy session was 20-25 minutes, now the time has been reduced by 3-5 minutes.

Also, session time has decreased thanks to the Hyper Arc function. The automated process of delivering a dose to the affected tissues not only reduced the preparation process and the manipulation itself, but also increased the accuracy of hitting targets.

Now doctors are preparing not one treatment plan, but several at once. The method of optimizing MCO plans - optimization according to several criteria - makes it possible to investigate changes in the treatment process and quickly improve the quality of the plan. This achieves maximum accuracy of focusing on the tumor and minimizes the impact on the surrounding tissue.

Increased safety and minimal risk of exposure to healthy tissue.

After a large-scale upgrade, the device provides a very accurate repetition of the power and duration of the effect of ionizing radiation on a malignant tumor.

Added the ability to completely protect organs from the beam passing through them - the Normal Tissue objective function. Previously, this was implemented by manually limiting the apparatus, which directly affected the quality of the plan. Now the radiation dose is controlled not only in the organs of risk, but also in healthy tissues.

If, during the course of therapy, the position of the tumor has shifted (for example, due to weight gain or loss), then the Deformable Registration block recognizes the new contours of the formation and takes into account all anatomical changes in the patient.

The beam power is monitored and adjusted in real time by a special algorithm. It reads the trajectories of particles, their reflection from tissues and bones.

The new algorithm for calculating the dose AcurosXB V16.1.0 improves the accuracy of calculating doses in areas of density difference: bone / soft tissues, lung / soft tissues, lung / bone and especially metal structures / implants.

Improved control.

All patient information obtained during radiation therapy is stored in the Aria oncology information system. After the update, it provides enhanced control over users, improved quality assurance of data transfer and added the ability to dynamically view the history of actions.

CarePath creates a workflow for each patient. It tells the staff when to start a task, in what period it needs to be completed. Subsequent tasks cannot be started until the previous one has completed. All information about actions and stages is dynamically displayed and you can see which specialist is currently working with the patient.