What does the presence of antibodies to coronavirus indicate?

About 2-3 weeks after infection with coronavirus, antibodies are formed in a person's blood. Their presence in the body indicates that the immune system has reacted to the threat - re-infection with this particular strain is no longer possible for some time. That is, a sufficiently reliable protection has been developed, thanks to which a person with coronavirus antibodies in the blood can safely be among the infected. Antibodies are produced in those who:

  • suffered COVID-19;
  • is at an advanced stage of the disease;
  • was vaccinated.

Antibodies to coronavirus remain in the human body for at least six months. To identify their presence in the body allows a test, which consists in the study of blood from a finger. The procedure makes it possible not only to isolate specific immunoglobulins, but also to determine their level in the body. If their number exceeds 50.0 OU / ml, we can safely say that the patient was vaccinated or had a coronavirus.

What information does a PCR test provide?

The presence of antibodies to coronavirus in the blood does not guarantee that their carrier is not dangerous to others. It is possible that he is at a late stage of the disease, which is asymptomatic. Therefore, a positive test result does not eliminate the need to observe safety measures in public places. It is possible to say that a patient with a positive PCR test is not a potential carrier and spread of COVID-19 only 10-14 days after the results of the study are received. That is why in many countries, after crossing the border, people with a positive test are required to undergo quarantine.

If the content of specific immunoglobulins in the blood is below the reference, this does not always indicate that the patient has not been infected with the coronavirus. A similar clinical picture can be observed at the initial stage of the disease, even if it is asymptomatic, or after ineffective vaccination. People with low levels of antibodies to coronavirus in their blood are at risk, as they can get sick at any time or are already carriers and distributors of COVID-19.

It must be remembered that the coronavirus is constantly mutating, so antibodies can only protect the body from re-infection with a certain strain. Therefore, even with a positive PCR test in public places, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment.