Where to seek help from a doctor if the house is flooded?

The Medical Brotherhood Charitable Foundation continues to receive applications from medical workers whose housing and property have suffered from natural disasters. Residents of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Altai, Trans-Baikal and Primorsky Territories, and the Penza Region are struggling with the consequences of floods. Floods caused by various factors have occurred on a monthly basis this year, starting in March. Many families were left in ruined houses without the necessary property on the eve of the school period.

The regional budgets do not have enough funds to compensate flooded people. Taking into account the current circumstances, the Council of the Fund met to make decisions on the requests of medical workers the maximum number of times. In July-August alone, 5 meetings of the Council were held, at which it was decided to provide material assistance to 34 doctors for a total amount of almost 1.5 million rubles.

A doctor and a nurse from the Trans-Baikal Territory received 100,000 rubles each, whose only housing was flooded on the night of July 9 due to a critical rise in the water level in the Chita River. People were hastily evacuated, leaving even the most necessary, because the water was advancing very quickly. The property was completely lost, the floor and walls were covered with mold and mildew, and the children did not have any sleeping places or jobs. They did not expect help, and at first they did not even believe.

Doctor Tatyana Sergeevna writes: “Thank you for your understanding, moral support and kind words !!! Now I know about your foundation, I am an expert of the brotherhood and, as far as possible, I will help my colleagues, because as it is written on the main page, a powerful stream of help is formed from “small good deeds” !!! ”.

Another 200 thousand rubles were sent to two doctors from the Ust-May Central Regional Hospital (Republic of Sakha). Nurse Natalya, who suffered from both the fire and flood, received support from the Foundation in the first place. We are collecting documents for another 10 applications. The relief work started with the assistance of the Ministry of Health of the Sakha Republic continues.

Two employees of the Petropavlovsk Central Regional Hospital of the Altai Territory also received 25 thousand rubles - for the repair of housing damaged by the flood and adjacent buildings.

Anyone wishing to support physicians in need to donate funds in their support through the Online service on the website of the foundation https://vrachfond.ru/donate/