The questionnaire on guarantees of the clinic

  1. Please indicate the source of information about the guarantees of the clinic:
  2. Did the staff of the clinic accompany you to the necessary room and did you help navigate the clinic?
  3. We operate in accordance with Medical Standards. Did the doctor explain to you what this means for you personally?
  4. Did you have the opportunity, if you wish, to get your hands on the results of diagnostic tests recorded on CD?
  5. If you underwent surgery under general anesthesia, did you get a video of the operation?
  6. Did the doctor give you a recommendation for a spa treatment?
  7. Did the doctor issue you a written recommendation after taking it?
  8. Do you know that in case of a substantiated claim you can receive financial compensation?
  9. How do you rate your dissatisfaction?
  10. Did you have the opportunity to receive diagnostic services on the same day?
  11. Do you know your doctor (therapist, pediatrician)?
  12. How do you rate the quality of medical care in general (on a five-point scale)?
We want you to know about our GUARANTEES and be confident in their performance!
If you notice any inconsistency between the actual service provided and approvedguarantees of the clinic JSC "MEDICINE", please let us know about it. This will be a great help to us in providing high quality medical care.
Please leave any comments!
(if you wish, please, give your full name and your contact information):