Beautiful and healthy skin is what helps us make a positive impression on other people. Therefore all of us try to keep our skin looking good and healthy, yet some skin conditions require surgical correction.

Removal of Benign Neoplasms of the Skin at JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg)

Moles, warts, and papillomas constitute the main problem with which most of our patients come to us. These skin defects represent not only an aesthetic problem. High solar activity increases the risk of malignant neoplasms. This is why moles, warts and other neoplasms must be thoroughly diagnosed and removed in most cases.

Our Clinic offers our patients a modern cryodestruction method, i.e. freezing the neoplasm with liquid nitrogen. Tumor cells die due to the local effect that low temperatures have on its surface. A small vesicle filled with serosanguineous liquid appears on its place. Healing and replacement of pathologic cells by the new healthy tissue take place underneath the vesicle.

The complete recovery after cryodestruction takes from two to five weeks. Cold acts as a natural anesthetic, therefore, the patient feels no pain during the procedure. The method is absolutely safe and comfortable for the patient. 

Benefits of Cryodestruction:

  • no bleeding either during or after the procedure;
  • relative painlessness;
  • low risk of recurrence;
  • insignificant injury;
  • no cicatrices or scars;
  • the procedure helps prevent metastasizing of malignant neoplasms of the skin.

The equipment installed at JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg) makes it possible to remove all neoplasms rapidly, painlessly and effectively. Before the procedure, our specialists will carry out a thorough examination of the patient and determine the degree of cancer risk in each particular case. Oncologists get involved if necessary, and the biopsy of the affected tissue is performed. Our doctors’ expertise and modern equipment will help you solve your skin problems that you might have.

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Thermolifting is a procedure that offers an ideal compromise between a wonderful result and an absolutely safe form of nonsurgical treatment.

The purpose of the procedure is to lift the skin and reduce wrinkles.

The method is based on the directed effect of radiofrequency pulses on deep layers of the skin, the collagen that participates in the formation of the skin matrix and ensures its elasticity. There is no recovery period after the procedure; you can immediately return to your normal life. The effect of the procedure lasts up to three years and it is as effective as plastic surgery. Age restrictions: from 30 to 65 years.

The procedure is performed using the Aluma brand apparatus (Israel).

Facial Contour Correction

Nonsurgical correction of the nose, cheekbones, and the shape of your chin.

It is an exclusive method which uses gel materials based on hyaluronic acid with different density to model the required shape of the nose, cheekbones, and the chin, fill nasolabial folds, labiobuccal folds, change the shape of the lips, the cheekbones, and the chin, make their contours more distinct with the help of hyaluronic acid, increase their volume. The effect is evident immediately after the procedure. The result is preserved for the period from six months to two years. No age restrictions.

The method is safe; it is performed under local anesthesia. .


This procedure is performed to revitalize the skin and keep it hydrated; it not only helps smooth out wrinkles but also triggers the body’s own rejuvenation mechanisms.

Multiple intracutaneous injections are performed; products based on unstabilized hyaluronic acid are used. The method applies the native concentration of hyaluronic acid which is the most multi-purpose moisturizing and lifting component. The procedure provides for a significant rejuvenation effect, improves the complexion, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis.

Wrinkle Correction

If you are not ready to change your appearance with the help of surgical interventions, we offer you special rejuvenation services, correction of mimic wrinkles on the forehead, glabellar region, wrinkles round the eyes by injection of Botox and Dysport.

This method for correction of wrinkles is most effective. The action of Dysport and Botox products is based on the ability of botulinus toxin type A to cause temporary muscle relaxation in the region of injection for the period from three to 12 months by influencing transport proteins in the zone of neuromuscular synapses. There are no age restrictions for the procedure, and it does not require rehabilitation; you can return to your usual daily routine immediately.

Treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Perspiration is an important physiologic process which makes it possible for the body to adapt to high temperatures; it is also necessary for getting rid of excess liquids. People suffering from this disease experience great discomfort associated with perpetually sweaty armpits, palms or feet.

The treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis with Botox or Dysport may be prescribed to patients suffering from excessive sweating.

The treatment of hyperhidrosis with Botox or Dysport is a very effective and reliable method allowing to get rid of excessive perspiration for a long time. The preparations containing the botulinus toxin have been used for treatment of muscular and nerve pathologies for quite a while. Its effect on hyperhidrosis was discovered only recently.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis with Botox started in 1994. This substance blocks nervous pulses that lead to perspiratory glands located in the problem zone. The Minor’s test should be used to clearly diagnose zones of excessive perspiration before starting the treatment.

The products are injected intracutaneously after the borders of the problem zone are defined. The injections of Botox or Dysport are practically painless.

The effect of this treatment appears in a matter of days and lasts for 6–8 months. The benefit of stopping the excessive perspiration using Botox and Dysport consists in the fact that the action of these products does not spread to adjacent tissues and also does not affect the thermal exchange and water metabolism processes in the body, which is quite significant.

All doctors of the Dermatocosmetologic Department use this method, which is very popular across the globe, because it allows to get rid of excessive perspiration effectively and without having to revert to surgery, making the patient’s life more interesting and busy.


Mesotherapy allows to create the maximum (and persisting) concentration of the therapeutic substance in the treatment area. Multiple microinjections introduce the product directly into the skin and provide action on biologically active points (according to the reflex therapy principle). Thus, skin reconstruction processes are “triggered” from the inside: blood circulation intensifies, collagen and elastin production resumes, and cells are renewed faster. The complexion improves, vascular walls are strengthened, sebaceous secretion is normalized, and natural ageing processes are slowed down.

The mesotherapy cocktails used for treatment contain vitamins, microelements, organotherapeutic products, peptides (lipolytics for reduction of fat deposits).

A standard therapeutic course includes 6–12 procedures; the procedures are performed with an interval of 7–14 days.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling affects various skin layers using acids, as a rule, of organic origin. Fruit (glycolic), lactic, trichloroacetic and other acids are used.

Chemical peeling is a very effective method for removing age-related skin changes; it promotes levelling of the skin relief, creates a lifting effect, helps treat hyperpigmentation, provides for better moisturizing and elasticity of the skin, improves complexion. Modern methods of chemical peeling allow to restore the skin structure, solve problems with intensified keratinization (hyperkeratinization), make it possible to keep inflammation under control, and provide for procedure efficiency and safety.

Therapeutic peeling (Renophase, France) Peeling RenewLift

Intensive skin rejuvenation program with lifting effect.

Chemical peeling—microdermabrasion (Holy Land)

The procedure is used in case of biological and photo ageing, acne, postacne, rosacea, for correction of postpeeling and postsurgical complications including pigmentation disorders. 

Biothread Skin Reinforcement

Bioreinforcement is the most reliable and physiologic way to preserve your youthful look. Bioreinforcement allows to preserve and improve the appearance of the face, the neck, and the decollete skin, get rid of the double chin, wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, enhance skin elasticity, refresh your complexion. This method in medical cosmetology has no age restrictions and it is also excellent for prevention of skin ageing.

Its principle of action consists in active stimulation of collagen production. The benefit of this method consists in the fact that a strong hyaluronic acid based biostimulator is injected subcutaneously; it influences intensively the cells and helps them produce new collagen and elastin. The lifting effect is caused not by the biothread itself but by the response of the body: any foreign particles in it are with time surrounded by a capsule of collagen fibers. These threads create a natural frame for facial soft tissues.

Biothreads are introduced with the help of injections, therefore, the skin is practically not injured and the rehabilitation period is not required for the patients. Injections are absolutely painless due to using a special analgesic cream. The product is very compact, therefore it does not spread but forms threads under the skin. The web of biothreads is completely absorbed in about four weeks and the skin gets own elastic connective tissue matrix which will protect it from ptosis and prevent formation and deepening of wrinkles in the future.

The number of procedures that are needed depends on the condition of the skin. An initial course including three sessions with an interval of two weeks is usually prescribed. Then additional 2–3 procedures are added a month later if necessary. Changes become noticeable already after the first procedure; the aesthetic effect is enhanced after a full course of treatment and for one to three years.

We advise to start using biothreads at the age of about 30 years; in this case you will be able to preserve your face contours for a long period because regeneration processes proceed better and faster at this age. It is also possible to improve your face contours after the age of 50, but it will be more difficult to trigger recovery processes and the effect may be not so noticeable. 


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