Cataract treatment

A common cause of vision loss is clouding of the eye lens. This disease is called a cataract and it is one of the most widespread nowadays.

Often a person does not notice the occurrence of a cataract, and the problem is unexpectedly discovered only during a preventive examination by an ophthalmologist. At the initial stage, it is not possible to identify this disease on your own. The first signs of cataracts may be:

  • double vision;
  • visual impairment;
  • the appearance of a "fog" or "veil".

If any of these symptoms occur, it is important to immediately get qualified ophthalmological help. The earlier this eye disease is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. With cataracts, it is important to choose an experienced ophthalmologist who can help manage this problem.

With cataracts, irreversible dystrophic processes develop in the lens. Accordingly, this disease cannot go away on its own and must be treated. It is important to realise that any medications, even the most innovative ones, cannot solve the problem. They can only help to slow down the pathological processes that develop in the sick eye. Therefore, every patient needs to understand how serious the situation is. You cannot get rid of cataracts without a surgical procedure.

Indications to surgery

This disease may be age-related or congenital. The risk zone starts at the age of 65, as this is the time when irreversible changes in the lens are most likely to occur. Laser cataract surgery is indicated in the following cases:

  • partial or complete displacement of the lens,
  • dehydration and dystrophy of the lens,
  • acute episode of glaucoma,
  • abnormal shape deformations.

Contraindications to surgery

Treating cataracts with a laser is not always an option. There are some contraindications to such operations, the main ones are:

  • blood diseases,
  • cancer and inflammatory processes of the eyes,
  • abnormalities of the pupil of the eye,
  • degenerative diseases of the nervous system,
  • neurological and cardiovascular diseases,
  • pregnancy, lactation.

Cataract treatment methods

When cataract surgery is prescribed, the ophthalmic surgeon considers it necessary to replace the damaged lens with an artificial lens. In Moscow, such surgeries are successfully performed by JSC "Medicina" Clinic. Its experienced specialists have managed to help many patients get rid of cataracts, restore visual function and return to full-fledged life. If you have cataracts in your eyes, it is not a verdict. Modern ophthalmology has long ago learned to fight this disease and successfully defeat it.

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Phacoemulsification: Ultrasonic Cataract Surgery

This operation is one of the most frequently used. JSC "Medicina" Clinic successfully uses this technique, providing the opportunity to restore visual function. Patients see much better with their eyes after this surgery, and the rehabilitation period is not very long. 

This cataract treatment is characterized by the absence of pain. The treatment time is no more than twenty minutes. The operated eye is provided with local droplet anesthesia. Already in the first hours after the manipulation the patient begins to see better with the operated eye.

During the operation, the ophthalmic surgeon makes a microscopic incision in the cornea. An ultrasound is used to crush and remove the crystalline lens. An artificially manufactured lens is implanted in its place, which will be functional for a lifetime and will be able to retain its original transparency. The incision is sealed without the use of sutures.

The indisputable advantages of this method of getting rid of cataracts are:

  • short rehabilitation period,
  • low traumatism,
  • the ability to provide maximum visual acuity,
  • low probability of complications,
  • patients’ comfort.

Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

JSC "Medicina" Clinic performs surgeries to relieve patients of cataracts by using a laser. This progressive technique provides an opportunity to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality sealing of the incision after the manipulation is completed. Such eye cataract treatment is as safe as possible and it is characterized by a short rehabilitation period as well as by the absence of complications.

Advantages of treatment at JSC "Medicina"

Choose JSC "Medicina" Clinic if you are interested in qualified and safe treatment. With cataracts we can definitely help, restore your vision and relieve you from any problems. Choose professionals with extensive experience to restore your eyes and get rid of a variety of diseases.

Surgeries to rid patients of cataracts are carried out by the clinic's best ophthalmic surgeons. Their years of experience and large number of grateful patients are their best references. Thanks to the development of ophthalmology, cataracts are not difficult to get rid of today.


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